Jee Le Zara 28th February 2014 Written Episode Update

Jee Le Zara 28th February 2014 Written Episode, Jee Le Zara 28th February 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Saanchi explaining to Dhruv about her point. She says, I was just playing with the kids. Dhruv gets angry and asks her no need. Saanchi gets tears. Dhruv holds her and says I am happy that my Saanchi didn’t change after marriage. She is like before……I am very happy. I was just joking. Saanchi says, I was scared….Dhruv says, I was scared to lose my old Saanchi. They get romantic. Suparna is irked as her plan backfired.

At the breakfast, Suparna tells yash that Anway is working hard for the London deal. Yash says, I know but I think DV is best suited for this deal and I want him to take up the project. Suparna says, it is very nice but don’t you think that his experience is less. Yash says, he is not experienced but have sharp mind. He says,

we need a sharp eye. Anway says, ofcourse. Let DV lead the project. Neena asks DV to fulfill his Dad’s responsibility. Dhruv goes to office and making plan with Saanchi to go on a long drive. Suparna is jealous.

Saanchi calls Dilshaad and praises DV and her family. She says, my husband is so good. Dilshaad says, I am so happy for you. Saanchi asks about her. Dilshaad says, I don’t think I will get love in this life. I am happy to hear about your love story. Addu calls Saanchi and tells that he secured top rank in the school. Saanchi gets happy and teary eyed. Addu asks her not to cry. Saanchi says, I am very happy. She congrats him. Addu says, I will sleep late at night and will eat pizza. Saanchi pulls his leg. Addu says, I have decided to take care of your farm. Saanchi says, you will become a pilot. Addu says, it was a dream.

Some bank officials comes and asks Pradeep to vacate the house within 24 hours as they will come to seize the bank. Addu comes and tells them that he passed the exam. He asks him to eat the sweets. Pradeep gets angry and throws the sweets. Addu is shocked. Pradeep accuses Saanchi for his misery. He asks Addu to get out.

Suparna is annoyed with DV and Saanchi’s romance. Ankita comes. Suparna tells her about their romance. Dhruv comes and calls for Saanchi. Saanchi hugs him. Ankita says, they just made the plan and it will break. She asks Suparna to wait and watch and laughs. She tells Dhruv that Addu topped in his class. Dhruv congrats her. Saanchi says, Addu wants to take care of farms. I know his dream is to become a pilot. Dhruv says, he might be thinking that farm responsibility is his. Dhruv says, I will talk to him. Saanchi thanks him. Ankita calls on Dhruv’s number. Saanchi picks the call. Ankita says, they are coming to their home for watching Soccer finals. Dhruv says, I will cancel the plan. Saanchi says, we will go tomorrow on a drive. Dhruv says, my friends are like hungry. Saanchi thinks to make something.

Dhruv calls Addu and congrats him. He says, you will complete the pilot training here. Addu says, I am thinking to take care of the farms. DV says, Saanchi will take care of the farms. He asks him to fly……Addu says, but….Dhruv says no if’s and but’s….We will surprise your tai. Addu tells Nani that Dhruv called him to Mumbai for pilot studies. Nani says, you know naa. Addu says yes. Ankita comes with her gang of friends. She comes to Dhruv and asks him to come. Dhruv says, I will come with my wife. She acts sweetly with him. Dhruv comes downstairs and meets his friends. They ask about Saanchi. Dhruv says, my wife is cool. Dhruv switch on the TV. Saanchi comes and says hello….Dhruv asks her to sit. Ankita looks jealous. She asks Saanchi what did you brought? tikki and pakodas. Saanchi says yes. Ankita says, I brought Pizza and garlic bread, it will goes well with soccer match.

Saanchi sees Dhruv shirtless cosying with Ankita. She gets shocked.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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