Jee Le Zara 28th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Jee Le Zara 28th August 2013 Written Episode, Jee Le Zara 28th August 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Aaji and Nani calling Saanchi and tells her that they have found a lawyer for handling the case. They says that Dhruv will fight the case but Saanchi says she needs a mature and strong lawyer. Dhruv looks disappointed but thinks to try once again. Aaji and nani praises Dhruv and says he is a good guy.

Some old lawyer comes to Saanch’s office and tells about the cases which he had handled. He started choking and Saanchi helps him. Saanchi selects him as her lawyer but he says that can’t handled the case for the coming 20 days and asks her to appoint some junior lawyer, till he recovered from the eye operation. Saanchi goes to drop him.

Mugdha gives some envelope to Saanchi, Saanchi is shocked to read the court notice. She tells Mugdha that Pradeep

is cancelling the contract. She tells that she will do something. She looks at her parents photo and tells Mugdha not to tell anyone about the court notice until they find a lawyer. She comes home. Dhruv sees her. He tells Dilshaad that he saw Saanchi. Dilshaad says Saanchi is like them, soft and hard. She asks him to enjoy the holiday. He tells Dilshaad that if he gets Saanchi’s case then he would stay here. He says usually cases go on for a month, sometimes for years. Dilshaad asks him to take up Saanchi’s case and says you should help her. She says she will prepare almond milk for him and till then asks him to think.

Advait is watching cricket and Saanchi see him. Advait starts to leave as the team is losing the match but Saanchi asks him to sit and watch, she says support your favourite team till the end. She says Nani and Aaji that she will prepare tea, Aaji and nani says we don’t want to have tea. They tells her about the court notice, Saanchi acts as if she don’t know. Aaji says Pradeep filed the case against them.

Saanchi asks did deepali bhabhi came here? Nani asks how do you know? Saanchi says may be Pradeep dada told bhabhi. She says she will talk to Pradeep dada. Aaji says Pradeep is like that since childhood. She says Prithvi enterprises wanted to buy the farm land and they are behind the Pradeep doings. Advait comes and says his team had won. Saanchi says they have to get a good lawyer anyhow. Next morning, Saanchi calls Prachi and Advait to come fast. Prachi says she took off and asks her to go. Prachi misbehaves with aaji and Saanchi scolds her. She tells Aaji and Nani not to worry about the case. After she leaves, Nani tells everything will be fine and dont worry.

Mugdha tells Saanchi that she found the good and experienced gold medalist lawyer who had worked with law firm. Saanchi says good. Saanchi comes inside her cabin and sees Dhruv, she is shocked.

Matchmaker tai tells Saanchi that she said something to Dilshaad and she left. Saanchi asks her what she said.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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