Jee Le Zara 28th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Jee Le Zara 28th April 2014 Written Episode, Jee Le Zara 28th April 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Suparna seeing Anvay and saying she has put on weight.. Anvay says we should get an appointment for you as you talk to yourself a lot. Suparna says she gets alone after he goes to office and asks if she should talk to servant. Anvay says he does not understand her even after many years of marriage.

Suparna waits for a parcel near the door. Delivery boy comes and gives her parcel. She takes out sandwich from the box and purs in medicine on it saying this medicine will do its work. She says if Saanchi eats this sandwich, she will go to panchgani and she herself will go to world tour. She gives sandwich to Saanchi and asks her to eat as she made it. Saanchi says sandwich is looking good, but she is full and cannot eat. DV says he will eat that sandwich. Suparna says she made it for Saanchi and she has to approve it by eating if she can make it for everyone.. Saanchi takes the sandwich after DV and Suparna’s insistence and says it is smelling good.

Saanchi is about to eat the sandwich when Anvay comes and says he will eat the sandwich first. Suparna says she made it for Saanchi. Anvay she is made sandwich for the first and he will have it first as he is her husband. She takes sandwich and eats it. He says it is very tasty. Suparna gets tensed that Anvay is eating it. DV says Suparna that Anvay approved it, so bring us some sandwiches.

Anvay come sand says Neena that some magazine journalists have come and want to meet you. Neena comes down to meet them. Anvay starts feeling stomach pain. Journalists start questioning Neena who answers their questions. Neena says she does social activities than social work. Journalist asks if she does social activities to hid her husband Yash’s unsocial activities. Neena says Yash is vey hard working and even now he is on a business trip. Another journalist says he must be not happy with her, so he is out of the house always. Suparna comes and says they all are very happy and money can buy anything. Neena asks Suparna to stop. Journalist asks Neena to let Suparna speak.

Saanchi comes and handles the situation. She says if they work for only money. Journalist says no. Saanchi says Yash came to mumbai with just 5000 rs. He built this vast empire with his hard work and intelligence. He takes care of not only his family, but also of his employees’ family. She serves them tea. Journalists finish tea and go from there. DV sees Saanchi handling the situation and gets happy. He says if she would not have been there, don’t know what journalists would have published.

DVa and Saacnhi see Anvay writhing in pain. Saanchi says she will get medicine for him. He says it is ok and goes into his room. Suparna brings him juice. He asks him what kind of sandwich she made. Suparna says she did not make it, but then changes her words and says she added many herbs in it, so he might be feeling pain. Anvay asks what is wrong with her, she is talking to herself and preparing food. Suparna says he wanted her to change, so she is working. Anvay thinks she is bringing troubles with change.

Saanchi says DV she does not understand why is Neena is ignoring her. DV says mom is under Suparna’s influence, they should think something and catch Suparna red-handed. Anvay hears their convseration and asks what are they talking about. He asks if they are doubting Suparna. He says he is thinking the same as they are thinking.

Precap: Aaji comes to meet Saanchi and asks her if Neena is unwell. Suparna says Neena is upset that Saanchi cannot become a mother..

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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