Jee Le Zara 27th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Jee Le Zara 27th January 2014 Written Episode, Jee Le Zara 27th January 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Panchgani cooperative bank employees coming to Prabhu niwas and asking Saanchi to vacate the house. They say that they have come to seize the house. Saanchi says, you have to give me notice. Saanchi says today is holiday. One officer asks Saanchi to talk to bank tomorrow. He gives her one hour time. Saanchi says, it is against the rules. Addu says, they are taking the belongings. Saanchi says, how can you do this. He says, if you want, I can pack your personal belongings. Saanchi asks him, how dare you? Nani asks him not to argue with him. Saanchi says, according to law who has possession, have the permission. He says, that’s why bank didn’t give you time. Saanchi is tensed. They are throwing Saanchi’s things. Saanchi is shocked. He asks Saanchi to vacate the house fast. Saanchi asks him to talk with respect. He says, we don’t give any respect to defaulter. He speaks badly with nani. Nani says, I will slap you for your behavior. He pushes Saanchi.

Saanchi falls in Dhruv’s arms. They have an eyelock. Addu, Aaji and Nani are happy. Dhruv says, I have to come as I am the hero of this love story. Saanchi is relieved. Bank Officer asks, who are you? Dhruv says hero. He raises his hand on Dhruv. Dhruv stops his hand and looks angrily. Dhruv asks him to read the papers. Dhruv hugs Aaji and Nani. Dhruv goes to Saanchi. Saanchi asks, how you are here? Dhruv says, this house is mine now. Saanchi asks, you came alone. Didn’t bring Ankita here. She congrats him for his engagement. Dhruv says it is half truth and asks her to know the full truth. Dhruv says, I am not engage to Ankita as I am already engaged to someone else. Saanchi is teary eyed. Dhruv asks the bank officials to leave. Saanchi checks the papers and says it is not in your name. These papers are on Mrs. Goel’s name, your mom. Dhruv says you are right. But not Mumbai’s Mrs Goel, Panchgani one Mrs. Goel. Saanchi says, I can’t accept it as I am not Mrs Goel and will never be. I can’t live here, sorry. She asks Aaji and Nani to come to Dilshaad’s home.

Saanchi asks them to come. Aaji says, I can’t climb Dilshaad’s stairs. I have so much pain in my legs. Nani says, I am a heart patient. I can’t come. Saanchi asks, Addu? Addu says, how can I leave two patients alone and goes to bring water for Nani. Saanchi says, ok. I will go alone. Dhruv smiles. He says, she will be back. Dhruv says, lets decide the rent. Everyone are shocked. Dhruv says, you can’t live for free. Addu asks, how much? Dhruv says, I will give. He goes to Aaji and offers to massage her legs at night. He offers to crack jokes for Nani. And says I will help Addu in his science project. Everyone smiles.

Yashwarden scolds his employee for the loss. He gets a call from Panchgani bank employee and he says Prabhu niwas is purchased by Dhruv. Yash is shocked. Addu tells Dhruv that they had miss him. Dhruv says, I missed everyone but I missed someone very much. He says, Ulka Kaki. Everyone laughs. Dhruv says, I didn’t miss someone who was always with me. He talks about Saanchi. Saanchi hears him talking. Aaji and Nani say that they know. Saanchi says, why anyone would buy our home? I am afraid for the coming trouble. Dhruv tells her that I brought this house with my own earnings. He asks her to read the papers which are on Mrs. Saanchi Goel’s name. Dhruv says I know you believe in proof and asks her to read the papers. Dhruv says, you have 25 crores and you got trapped by the bank loan. He says, he made promise to himself to make her wife. Saanchi thinks of her promise made to his mom.

Yash is calling Dhruv and wonders whether Saanchi told him everything. Saanchi says, I am not your wife and will never be Mrs. Goel. Dhruv says, you will be….Saanchi says, I will never agree. Dhruv says, it is my life’s biggest decision. I will decide it and it is not a joke. Saanchi looks on hopefully.

Dhruv tells Nani, Aaji and Addu that he is not aware why Saanchi refused to marry him but he knows that he will make her agree.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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