Jee Le Zara 26th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Jee Le Zara 26th September 2013 Written Episode, Jee Le Zara 26th September 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Dhruv coming to meet Saanchi. He asks her how she got the third word, when sunil’s parents asks her to answer her with yes or no. He asks how will you manage in one week. Dhruv asks her to add him too in her work. Saanchi laughs. Saanchi asks Dhruv to go to sleep as he have to help her in the marriage preparations. Dhruv says until he is there, he will help her. Saanchi is in her office, Mr Sharma (Bank officer) comes, Saanchi says she wants loan of 25 lakhs. Mr Sharma says not a problem and she will get the loan soon. He asks why she needs loan. Saanchi says that her younger sister marriage is fixed and she needs money for the marriage preparations. Mr. Sharma says it means you need personal loan, I can’t give you 25 lakhs loan for personal expenses. Saanchi

is shocked.

Saanchi says she is having less time to arrange the money. She asks Mr. Sharma to do something. Sharma says he can’t help her in personal loan but can sanction money for business work. He asks her to take the money for business use and then you can use the money for personal use. Saanchi says she can’t lie. Mr. Sharma says he can arrange only 12 lakhs for personal loan. Saanchi thinks about Prachi’s words. Nani and Aaji calculates the expenses and says they need 25 lakhs. Dhruv says Saanchiji will manage everything. Ulka says to Prachi that your tai will manage everything. She praises Saanchi and says she is good at fulfilling the responsibilities. Ulka asks Prachi to apply the face pack. Dilshaad says she will give her golden face pack tomorrow. Ulka kaki says she will wear banarasi saree in Prachi’s marriage.

Saanchi comes and says this time banarasi silk will not be good and asks them to try some silk sarees. Prachi shows Saanchi that she selected the lehenga for her marriage. Saanchi says it is beautiful. And asks Dhruv and Dilshaad to choose for them. Dhruv suggests Saanchi to wear pink color clothes as it is girl’s favourite colour. Saanchi says she was talking about Sangeet and says everything will be grand. She goes to prepare tea. Dhruv gets a call from his friend Vishwas, Dhruv asks him to meet him. Dilshaad meets with Dhruv and Vishwas and asks him to stay with Dhruv. Vishwas says he came to meet Dhruv as he came here for a holiday. Dilshaad says Dhruv is her life. Vishwas says he have to go. Dilshaad offers him cake and coffee. Dhruv praises her. Vishwas asks him, what you were doing here? Dhruv says he was just chilling here. Vishwas says there was something going on otherwise you didn’t stay here for long.

Dhruv says you are speaking nonsense. Vishwas asks him whether he met with any ladies. Dhruv tells him that he met two ladies and their names are Aaji and Nani. He tells you are a party animal and what you are doing here. Saanchi comes there, Dhruv introduces her to Vishwas and says Saanchiji is his…. Saanchi says friend. Dhruv asks her to have coffee, Saanchi says she is busy, but agrees. Vishwas says he was asking Dhruv, what he was doing here. Saanchi says her city is beautiful. Vishwas says people makes the city beautiful, Dhruv comes and says you and then says he was just saying about people. Dilshaad comes with the coffee and cake and offers them. Vishwas says I think that cake came for you, Dhruv offers him and then to Saanchi. Saanchi starts choking, Dhruv rushes to get water for her. Vishwas sees Dhruv concern for Saanchi and gets surprised. Dhruv looks at Saanchi and smiles. Vishwas tells them about some past incidents. Saanchi says she will leave now as tells Vishwas to come again. Vishwas says he will come again. Vishwas pulls Dhruv legs and says something got into your eyes. He says he can clearly see it. Dhruv asks him not to joke with him. He asks him to close his eyes and tell what he is seeing? Vishwas says you lost your heart. Dhruv says Saanchi. Dhruv says she is elder than him and he respects her. Vishwas says you do her puja. Dhruv says she is just her friend and not his type. Vishwas asks him to come to Mumbai.

Vishwas says he will give him right opinion and says she is sweet, matured and good girl. He says you are gone yaar. He hugs him. Vishwas asks him to go for Saanchi. Prachi prepares her guest list and says it is just 50. Advait says what is the need to invite them. Saanchi asks her to show the list and asks her to invite her friends and also asks Advait to invite his friends. Advait says but where is the place. Saanchi shows that they have place in heart and says she will manage everything. She makes Aaji take the medicines. she asks, what you were doing. Aaji says she is reading the diary. Saanchi says she will get the new dairy. Aaji says she don’t need the new dairy. Saanchi says shall I ask you something? Saanchi says I want mom’s jewellery. Aaji asks you need it to wear naa. Saanchi says she needs for Prachi’s marriage. Aaji says she won’t give to selling. She says she won’t give it for Prachi. Saanchi says she wants to use the jewellery with her wish otherwise she would not have asked. Aaji says she won’t give. Saanchi says please. Aaji asks her to go. Saanchi says she needs it very much. Aaji asks her not to force her or pray for her death. Saanchi is shocked.

Saanchi is binding her hairs and recalling Dhruv words that she looks good in that hair style. Dhruv looks at her and signs that she is looking good.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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