Jee Le Zara 26th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Jee Le Zara 26th November 2013 Written Episode, Jee Le Zara 26th November 2013 Written Update

Part 1

At dinner ..Nani asks Sanchi to keep a puja after all that has happened..! DV calls on landline n asks Sanchi to keep faith..! Sanchi says wrong number n cuts the call! Sanchi is nervous thinking of Ulkas deadline! She tries to talk to Aaji-Nani ..but loses confidence! She is pacing in her room and wonders how she can talk to Aaji-Nani ..!! DV comes in her room and Sanchi asks him why he is here n asks him to leave! DV says. .will leave but why not receiving my calls? Sanchi says..what do u want? That i sweet talk with u?? Sanchj says after all Ulka said i cant do all this.. din want our love to be exposed like this and DV says.. din want our love to be insulted like this! DV says in love there is no right or wrong..! DV says we are in trouble coz we hid things from them ..lets go and talk to them! Sanchi says i m going to tell them! U leave! DV says. .its not just about u.. its about us..its about our love! Sanchi says if they say no? DV says.. we will appease them together.. we have loved.. each other..its not a joke. .after lots of trouble got our love..cant lose it! Sanchi says its not easy… Aaji-Nani are old fashioned! DV says its about emotions. they love u.. n like me.. they want u to be happy n want a good guy for u to marry! DV says.. whatever they say..we will listen n bear together!

DV says.. wherever u walk. .i will walk with u..! DV says lets go. n talk to them!

Part 2

Aaji calls Sanchi! Sanchi says.. seems something is wrong..just go! DV says dun be scared am with u. .always..!! They come downstairs together! Aaji says good ur here.. all things will be clear here! Ulka is glaring at them! Sanchi says .. need to talk to u both! Nani says first shut the mouth of Ulka..! Sanchi asks what did Ulka say?Aaji says said a lot.. we culdn hear that much.. ill things! Is she right?? Is is true what Ulka is saying?? Its a lie right? Nani asks too! Sanchi is horrified..!!! She is quiet! DV looks away! Ulka says. if i was wrong.. they wuldn be quiet. n look away! Aaji asks Sanchi to speak out. .that its a lie?? Ulka will they say the truth? They have spread dirt all around! She says..what i saw.. the way they were sticking to each other.. chee..! Nani fumes..! She asks Sanchi why she is quiet?? Sanchi is silent .. DV too..!! She finally says.. we were gonna tell u both..that .. but Addu met with an accident! Sanchi says. .me and DV .. we both …n Aaji says ENOUGH!

Part 3

Aaji says heard enough.. have borne enough .. ! She says i din break when ur dad died.. ur mom died.. after the fight with Pradeep. .but today..u broke me..! Aaji says the girl i took pride on.. has embarassed me. .my ideals .. my principles.. u broke down n that too to such a level??? U bend down so much? We were searching boys for u..! Ulka says.. we found boys too for u. .but dinno..she will find a boy of her own? Aaji says how dare u have a relation with a boy younger than u?? We din tie u down.. coz we thot u will touch the sky .. but u sank down..! She says.. u sank low and we broke down! Sanchi requests Aaji not to say so..! She breaksdown..! She says sorry..! Aaji removes her hand from Sanchis grip! Aaji tells Ulka she was right..they were wrong!! Aaji says.. our girl was wrong! Sanchi requests Nani to convince Aaji..! Nani says.. i dun understand.. what happened.. how it happened.. u and DV?? She says we trusted this boy .. blindly mite be our mistake. but we trusted u too. but was that a mistake too?? Nani says.. i know that older girl and younger boy .. relations like these are not accepted by society nor us. .coz such a relation cannot give any happiness! Ulka says.. told u all to throw DV out but u din listen to me! Ulka says.. DV only influenced .. Sanchi.. .! She says. .neither they can live in this house nor colony freely anymore! DV is all quiet.! He tries to talk to Sanchi. n she says. .want u to leave. .heard enouf ..! Go ..!! Sanchi runs off to her room! DV walks out of the house n runs into Addu..! He asks Addu to try to understand! Addu says what to understand?? He says. .friends dun eye their friends sisters! DV says.. i love her. .n wanna marry her! Addu says. .if u were right ..Aaji-Nani wuld have said yes.. ! DV says. .they are old fashioned! Addu says. i was raised in those principles .. ! DV tries to explain n Addu says u hurt them all ..they are not well n u caused more trouble! He walks off! DV sulks n Dils says to give time. to himself n them..! All will be well..! DV asks how? Dils says. . aache logon ke sath aacha hi hota hai. .tum ne to pyaar kiya hai. koi galat kaam nahi..! Lets leave..! She takes DV back to their place!

Sanchi recollects Aajis words ..!! She cries..! DV keeps looking at Sanchis room from the balcony! He keeps calling Sanchi ..who doesnt respond! BG – Bin tere! Both DV-Sanchi are sad

Precap — Sanchi tells DV i cannot go against my family .. i cannot be happy by hurting them! She says.. ur and my journey was till here..! She removes the ring that DV had given her n gives it back to him!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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