Jee Le Zara 26th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Jee Le Zara 26th August 2013 Written Episode, Jee Le Zara 26th August 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Saanchi coming home with Dhruv. She greets nani and aaji. She tells them that Sher singh, her car stopped on the road. Dhruv comes inside and says sorry for yesterday. They says don’t bother about it. Nani asks about the meeting. Saanchi says it was food. Aaji sees her eyes swollen and asks? Saanchi lies that something may have gone inside. Nani asks her to make halwa for Dhruv. Aaji says it is for her, she was craving for halwa since morning. Saanchi serves the halwa to Dhruv and Aaji. She serves the special halwa to Nani minus sugar. Dhruv sees Saanchi’s bonding with her grannies and smiles. Saanchi says I will call you both and remind to take the medicines. Prachi and Advait comes, Saanchi asks Prachi to greet everyone. She asks Advait to drink chocolate milk.

Prachi and Advait asks about Mr. Shah’s contract. Saanchi says everything seems to be good. Mechanic comes and give her repaired car. Saanchi thinks about her cousin’s words that my sister can’t fulfill your order to Mr. Shah. Dhruv says your smile covers your pain from your family.

Dilshaad calls Saanchi and tells that her tenant ran away. Saanchi says he has not done good and asks her to come to her house. Dilshaad says she will go to the police station, but comes to Saanchi’s house. She sees Dhruv and bumps into Dhruv. Both of them falls down. She tells Dhruv that she prepared sweets for him and asks him to come along with her. At her house, Dilshaad tries to get cosy with Dhruv, he send her to kitchen to get the sweets. Saanchi gives medicines to Aaji and offers to massages her legs. Aaji says how you came to know that my legs are paining. Saanchi says she knows. Aaji says you work at the office, comes home and again do the work. She asks Saanchi that whether you are tired today. Saanchi laughs. Aaji and Saanchi shares a light moment. Aaji asks her to sleep on her lap. Saanchi sleeps on her lap emotionally. Aaji tells her that she will not live more and every day it is the new morning as it brings good things with it.

Dilshaad behaves strangely with Dhruv and plays the song Raat akeli hain buj gaye diye… Dhruv feels uncomfortable. She makes Dhruv eats the custard sweets with Jam. Dhruv likes the Jam prepared in Saanchi’s farm. Dhruv says Saanchi’s take care of the house well.

Aaji and Nani argue over some medicinal halwa. Saanchi smiles. Workers comes to Saanchi’s home and shouts. saanchi asks what happened. They says that Pradeep send them out of the farm. She says she will talk with Pradeep Dada. Pradeep comes and tells her to sell the land. Saanchi says she took the land on the lease. Pradeep says he will do what is good. He says ladies are stupid. He asks her to see the agreement and says what is written in place of the owner’s name. Saanchi reads Pradeep prabhu and on the tenant’s name, Saanchi’s name was written. Pradeep says that land is his and he can sell off the land. He asks the workers, do you want to read this agreement. Dhruv says can I read this agreement. Pradeep asks who are you. Dhruv says I am Saanchi’s lawyer. Saanchi is shocked.

Pradeep asks who are you. Dhruv says I am Saanchi’s lawyer. Saanchi is shocked..

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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