Jee Le Zara 25th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Jee Le Zara 25th December 2013 Written Episode, Jee Le Zara 25th December 2013 Written Update

Sanchi is waiting in DV’s room when he is having a shower. She gives him a naughty smile when he comes out of the bathroom. DV starts calling out Dilz. Sanchi says why is he calling Dilz, what will she do. DV says she will take Sanchi out and it does not look nice her being here. Sanchi says but she likes it and naughtily whispers “nice”. She then asks him to dress up lest he catches cold. He goes to fetch his T-shirt, but Sanchi grabs it first and when DV says what is she doing, she says she is helping him change. DV then says then she should help full way and starts untying his towel. Sanchi runs out in embarassment and throws his T-shirt at him. She calls Dilz to tell that her plan failed but Dilz assures her that she will make another plan and drive Nani and Ajji away

from house.

Sunil calls up Anway and says he is facing problem and Anway loses his temper and says that he is not a disaster management. Sunil asks him to do something about the forged papers and Anway says he will do something.

DV calls his mom in USA and she says Ankita has told her everything. DV gets worried, but then she says Ankita has told how much he has changed and how he is living on his own with no helpers. DV brushes it aside saying that he is getting mature. He then tells them that he has a surprise in store for them when they return. His mom says she too has a surprise for him.

Dilz goes and asks Nani and Ajji to go to temple as a very grand pravachan is going to happen. They are reluctant, but Dilz includes Aadu also in her plan and they are forcibly sent away. When DV says that he will drop them, she insists no and sends them away in an auto. They ask Dilz to also accompany but she makes an excuse. Then she asks DV to sit at Sanchi’s house as her masseur is about to come. DV goes inside confused and Dilz messages all the best to Sanchi.

In auto Nani and Ajji are confused why Dilz was so excited about sending them away. They reach the temple and meanwhile Aadu too is riding his cycle very fast. Nani and Ajji don’t see any thing special there. They are about to ask the Pujari but Aadu reaches there and tells them that Pravachan has been cancelled because of security threat Ajji says fine they will go back, but Nani says no lets sit for a few minutes and Aadu says why few minutes, let’s sit longer. he too will sit and pray to God for his exams.

At home Sanchi is getting ready in a red saree, while DV is thinking about the morning scene with Sanchi while looking at her photos. He wipes away dust from her snap. He notices a movement and goes upstairs.

At temple Ajji asks Aadu to leave as its getting late, but Aadu insists that they will go after Aarti. and Nani agrees as she feels she will get laddoo after aarti.

DV goes to Sanchi’s room which Sanchi has decorated with heart shaped stuffed cushions which say I Love You. DV realizes the plan and is about to leave when he sees Sanchi dressed in a Red Saree.

Precap: Sanchi trying different romantic acts, but DV keeps a stern uninterested face.

Update Credit to: Bournville

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