Jee Le Zara 24th September 2013 Written Episode Update

Jee Le Zara 24th September 2013 Written Episode, Jee Le Zara 24th September 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Sunil’s father saying that 2000 people will come in the marriage. Everyone gets shocked. Saanchi says they will manage and asks him to say further. Sunil’s mom says she got many proposals for Sunil and their relatives will laugh if they marry without taking dowry. Sunil father demands gold chain and suits for gents and silk sarees and silver coins for ladies. And pleasantries for kids too. Sannchi is shocked beyond belief. Dhruv intervenes, but Sunil’s mom says she came to talk to Prabhu’s and not with their neighbours. Saanchi says Prachi is her younger sister and she will do whatever she can but she can’t fulfill their demands. Sunil’s mom says it is nothing much as they are not demanding for them but for their relatives. Saanchi says she doesn’t believe in showcasing something. Sunil’s mom says it is their tradition. Saanchi says they cannot afford to be so lavish and will send her sister with all the values which a good family wants to have in their daughter in law. Sunil’s father thinks for a while and tells Saanchi to think once. Sunil’s mom says you are not equal to us but we came for our son. Prachi cries. They leaves before telling Saanchi to call them if she changes her mind, then they can talk further. Saanchi looks tensed.

Prachi cries in her room, Aaji consoles her. Saanchi comes, Prachi hugs her and cries. Saanchi tells her, why you want to go to some house where one one cares for you, where you will be just Sunil’s wife. Prachi says because she loves Sunil very much. Saanchi says but how can you live in that house. Prachi says Sunil came with his parents for her. Saanchi says it was clear that they came for Sunil and not for her. Nani says Sunil didn’t speak anything. Prachi says you broke my alliance because of some gold coins. Prachi says if papa would have been alive then her alliance would not have break, she says you are not my papa. Saanchi gets hurt and tears roll down her cheeks. Nani and Aaji looks on helplessly. Ulka kaki says this house is bad and no baaraat will come to this house. Ulka says that groom was good but… Aaji says they were demanding too much dowry. Ulka says it is not easy to marry off the girls. Saanchi remembers Sunil’s father demands and Prachi’s accusations. Dhruv comes and asks are you not getting sleep. Saanchi says she can’t sleep as Prachi is crying. Dhruv says you did the right thing. Saanchi says don’t know. And says may be they demanded the dowry as a rituals. Dhruv says don’t do the mistake by giving dowry in the name of rituals. He says he thinks she is right. Saanchi says then why she is broken, why she don’t want to go inside the house. She can’t see Prachi’s pain. Dhruv thinks he can’t see Saanchi in pain.

Saanchi comes to his parents photo and asks them, whether she is doing the right thing. She says she thought they are with them when she wore her saree. She says Prachi was very happy but… She thinks whatever she has done was right but… She asks her parents whether she did right or wrong. Aaji comes and hugs her. She says we welcomed them as they came to asks for our daughter, but they didn’t come for Prachi but for gold coins for their relatives. She says Prachi will be alright soon as that guy is not supporting her now and will never be. She says Saanchi will decide rightly and asks her not to feel bad. Saanchi hugs her and cries.

Saanchi comes to her room and finds Prachi weeping. She asks her to look at her, but Prachi says she don’t want to see her face. Saanchi asks her to come to her. She says how can I leave you alone. Prachi says you will get accustomed to see me in pain. She says she has decided not to marry anyone else if she doesn’t get to marry Sunil. Saanchi says she always take care of her wishes. Prachi thanks her and says she is unable to give her whatever she is asking her.

Dhruv is looking at Saanchi’s photos and is smiling. Dilshaad comes and asks him whether he was seeing her pics. Dhruv praises Saanchi. Dilshaad asks Dhruv to take her photos. Dhruv take her photo. Mugdha asks Saanchi about Sunil’s parents. Saanchi says she is tensed about the case. Sunil comes there, Saanchi asks him to sit. Saanchi thanks Sunil as his parents came to her house without their consent. She says his parents should accept the differences which they had between them. Sunil says he don’t have any problem with Prachi and he is sure Prachi will adjust to his home slowly. Saanchi says she will do the marriage preparation but she can’t afford a lavish wedding. Sunil says his parents aren’t asking anything for them but for their relatives. He says it is not the demands but rituals. Saanchi says it is not a rituals but helplessness. Sunil asks her what is her priority, Prachi’s happiness or her principles. He asks her to choose and is about to leave. Saanchi stops sunil and says tell your parents that I want to meet them. Sunil gets happy.

Dhruv hand gets wounded, Saanchi says she will put an ointment and blow on his wound. Dhruv looks on smilingly.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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