Jee Le Zara 24th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Jee Le Zara 24th April 2014 Written Episode, Jee Le Zara 24th April 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Saanchi asks DV how will the catch Suparna. DV says his plan. She praises him.

Neena’s sister comes with her bahu. Suparna asks Neena why is aunty here. Sister says she informed DV, did not he inform you. Neena says DV got busy, so must have forgotten. Sister’s babu touches Neena’s feet. Sister asks Suparna to touch her feet who does it hesitantly. Neena asks her sister what she wants to have. She gives her list and asks Suparna to prepare it. Suparna says she has to help Anvay and goes from there. Sister says her babu not to become kaamchor like Suparna. Saanchi brings Neena’s sister’s listed items and touches her feet. Sister gets happy and starts eating. She says her bahu that she should become like Saanchi. She says Neena that she is lucky to have a bahu like Saanchi. She blesses Saanchi to get a baby soon. Saanchi and Neena get sad. Neena sister leaves with her bahu.

DV happily picks Saanchi and says she impressed his aunt, now Neena will believe she is perfect bahu and is perfect for DV.

Suparna calls servants, but nobody comes. DV sees her and hides. Neena remembers her sisters words that she is lucky to have Saanchi as her bahu. Suparna comes and says she has ordered snacks for her sister and asks where is she. Neena says she is very lazy and says her sister went, good Saanchi handled the situation. Suparna thinks there is some connection between Saanchi handling the situation and servants taking leave.

Neena calls Yash and tells her sister came, but Saanchi handled the situation. Yash asks Neena not to change her mind and says girls like Saanchi are very clever and not to fall in her trap. Neena says he is right and cuts the call.

Servants come back. Suparna asks them to tell where were they, else get out of the house. Servant says DV asked them to go out. DV comes and says he asked them to go out and enjoy as it was engagement of one of our servants. Suparna says they would have informed her or Neena. DV asks her not to scold them as it is one of servant’s engagement day today. Suparna goes from there angrily.

Neena gets a call from her sister who starts praising Saanchi and asks to give phone to Saanchi. Neena says Saanchi is in her room and will ask her to call her back. Sister says she is very lucky to have Saanchi as her bahu. Neena says she is very luck. Saanchi comes and hear Neena and gets happy. Neena says if she thinking that she will change her decision with her servings, she is wrong, she will not change hr decision. Suparna hears their conversation and says whatever Saaanchi tries, Yash and Neena won’t be convinced, Saanchi’s one week plan is flop.

Saanchi comes to her room sadly. DV asks what happeend. She nods her head and cries. She says our one week plan will not work out as mom has taken a decision to separate you from me and said her decision will not change. DV hugs her trying to console her. He says mom was not like this and says mom will notice her tries soon. Saanchi says today’s day was bad, we did not get any proof against Suparna and could not impress mom. DV says our fight is like a match, we can get 4s and 6s on every ball, we will get 1 over where we will get 4s and 6s. Saanchi says she will change her dress and come.

Suparna thinks whatever happened is good. She did not have to do anything. Saanchi worked hard, but could not impress mom. She thinks she cannot relax as Saanchi will think about new plan. What will happen if Saanchi gets to know about her pregnancy, she has to do something. Anvay comes and asks what she wants to do.


Precap: DV says Saanchi that we have to think something else to catch Suparna red-handed. Anvay hears their conversation hiding.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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