Jee Le Zara 23rd September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Jee Le Zara 23rd September 2013 Written Episode, Jee Le Zara 23rd September 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Prachi getting ready, Saanchi comes and helps her. Prachi says she will do everything and asks her not to worry. Saanchi praises her. Prachi asks her to get ready. Prachi walks down the stairs and asks Nani and Aaji, how she is looking. Nani and Aaji says you are looking beautiful. They praises her. Prachi says you are not getting old but we are growing naa. Nani asks her to be like this. She says about Saanchi. Nani says she kept ras malai in neighbour’s fridge and went to get it. Meanwhile Dhruv is trying to get repair the fuse, but fails. Dilshaad is holding the torch. Saanchi comes like a fresh breeze and says she will get the fuse fixed. She binds her hairs while Dhruv looks at her lovingly.

Dhruv looks at Saanchi adorably while she is getting the fuse fixed. Saanchi looks at him and asks him to close the torch as light came. Dhruv gets shy and helps her get down the chair. Saanchi asks what you were doing. Dhruv replies that he was connecting some connection. Saanchi says you don’t know naa this. She asks him what he is wearing for dinner. Dhruv asks Saanchi to keep her hairs tied as she is looking good. Saanchi opens her hairs and says she looks good in this one too.

Nani and Aaji praises Saanchi and Prachi and says they will take out the evil eye. Dhruv says you did right as every one will look at Saanchi.Sunil comes with his parents. Saanchi welcomes them. She greets them and introduces everyone to them. Ulka kaki comes and introduces herself. Saanchi asks them to come in. Dhruv feels happy. While all the guests sits on the sofa, Saanchi goes to bring water. Dilshaad asks Saanchi to sit with them. Dhruv says they will manage everything. Saanchi brings the water. Sunil’s mom asks is this filtered water. Saanchi says yes. She asks Saanchi to start the AC. Nani says we don’t have AC here. Aaji says it is not hot. Saanchi asks Advait to bring the table fan. Dilshaad asks her to drink the cold drink. Sunil’s mom asks her to get Prachi. Saanchi says she will bring her.

Meanwhile Prachi is tensed, Saanchi comes and asks her to come. Prachi asks how is Sunil’s mom? Saanchi says she is very good. Prachi covers her hairs before going with Saanchi. Nani praises Prachi and says she always stood first in class. Sunil’s mom says it is of no use as Sunil will earn the money. And the ladies should be good at cooking. Prachi and Saanchi comes, everyone looks at them. Prachi comes and takes their blessings. It seems they liked her. Sunil’s mom praises her and says she understood why his son is eager to get her home. She says she likes long hairs of daughter in law’s as Prachi hairs are short. She then tells her that she has mismatched fashion and says you saree is good but it is not looking good with this necklace. Prachi looks at Saanchi. She says she will do prachi’s makeover after her marriage. Sunil’s father says lets talk about the important thing. Sunil mom asks Prachi to learn the marwadi traditions. Dhruv says he is also a marwadi and his sister in laws don’t cover their heads. Sunil’s mom says it is their tradition. Saanchi asks them to have dinner. But Sunil’s mom says they eat light dinner. She speaks rudely with Dhruv. Aaji asks them to eat as it will not look good.

At the dinner table, Sunil’s mom asks Saanchi whether you taught anything to Prachi. Saanchi says yes. While they were having dinner, Sunil’s mom looks at Sunil. Nani asks how is the food. She says it is not salty. She tells Saanchi that she will get their caterers number and get the food ordered from them. everyone feels happy that they have agreed for the alliance. Dhruv takes the photos, while Prachi takes their blessings. Sunil’s father tells Saanchi that he needs to talk something important. Saanchi asks him to have sweets but he says he needs to speak important things. He asks where you will keep the engagement? Saanchi says here at home. Saanchi’s dad says you can’t manage two people, how can you manage 600 people? Everyone is shocked. Nani asks are you talking about the marriage. He says he is talking about the engagement. He says in marriage 2000 people will come. Everyone is shocked.

Prachi tells Saanchi that you are not my papa. If he would have been alive then my alliance would have not break.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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