Jee Le Zara 23rd December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Jee Le Zara 23rd December 2013 Written Episode, Jee Le Zara 23rd December 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Dhruv and Saanchi are going to her office….Jee le zara title song plays….Dhruv speaks about romance and says you are first girl who have problem with romance, other girls dies for romance. Saanchi says I want to live in romance. Dhruv smiles and says I like it. He says sometime you surprise me. Saanchi says, won’t you take me on a long drive. Dhruv says I will take my wife on a long drive. He says but romantic long drives can be possible only with girlfriend as wife comes with responsibilities of home. Saanchi says, my office have come. Pradeep tells Mr. Goel that Court accepted Saanchi’s appeal. He says it means, my fraud will be caught and I will be in jail soon. Mr. Goel laughs and asks him to do something before the case opens. He suggests him to get

away with love or fight.

Dilshaad asks Ankita, did you packed everything? Ankita says, yes. and says she can’t take one thing with her now. She says Dhruv. Dilshaad says Dhruv is your best friend but he has lost his heart to Saanchi. She asks her to get use to it. Ankita says, no Saanchi has to get use to it. She says, Saanchi is good. I really like her. Dhruv and Saanchi have we as their best friend. Dilshaad asks,what do you mean? Ankita says, one day, Saanchi and Dhruv will have break up and then they will need us. We have to be prepare for it. She says All the best to both of us. Dilshaad gets angry and says what rubbish you are talking about. Saanchi comes and listens everything.

Saanchi asks, what you want to say? Ankita says, I really like you. It is just like that, I know Dhruv very closely. I can’t guarantee about his love. Saanchi says, what do you mean? Ankita says, he loved 25 girls and had 25 break ups. Dilshaad says, Dhruv loves Saanchi. Ankita says, your marriage can’t stay for long. She says Dhruv changes car every month and for him, life is about enjoyment and fun. He couldn’t take a serious responsibility like marriage. Saanchi is hurt. Dilshaad asks, if Dhruv is so unreliable then how come you stick to him for long. Ankita says, because I am family to him. She says Dhruv’s Dad won’t agree to your alliance. She says I don’t want you to get hurt. She asks him to enjoy the time with him. Saanchi is heart broken. Ankita leaves.

Pradeep comes home with sweets. Aaji asks, what is this? Pradeep says you didn’t tell me about the marriage going to happen here. He says, I came to know about Saanchi’s marriage being fixed. He asks her to solve the land issue. Aaji says you will rotten in hell. Pradeep asks her to sell the land. Aaji asks him to leave before she beats him. Pradeep asks her to think about her age and leaves.

Ankita meets Dilshaad before leaving. Saanchi tells her bye. Ankita tells Dhruv that you broke my heart but I understand you. Saanchi wishes her for safe journey. Ankita tells them bye and leaves for Mumbai.

Nani tells Aaji that Ankita has gone. Aaji jokes on her saying she was always after Dhruv. Nani says, Dhruv solved her problem as Dhruv told her about his decision to marry Saanchi. Saanchi comes and says I went to meet Ankita at Dilshaad’s place. Saanchi says, I will make tea for you. Nani says,no and asks her to rest. Saanchi recalls Ankita getting closer to Dhruv. She recalls Ankita’s harsh words. Dilshaad comes and asks Saanchi, what happened? Saanchi says, you listened naa what ankita told before leaving. Saanchi says, I couldn’t take out those words from my ears.

Dhruv waits for Saanchi. Nani and Aaji pulls his leg. Dhruv says, I was looking at the photos. Nani asks him to go to Saanchi’s room. Dilshaad comforts Saanchi. Saanchi worries about Ankita’s words. Dilshaad asks her to have trust on Dhruv. Saanchi says, what if Dhruv breaks my trust or his parents don’t agree to me. If this happens, then I will die for sure. Dhruv hears all this and is sad.

Dhruv tells Saanchi that I will make you wear this ring when I win your trust. Saanchi says I trust you. Why did you think I don’t trust you. Dhruv says I was hurt when you said that.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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