Jee Le Zara 22nd April 2014 Written Episode Update

Jee Le Zara 22nd April 2014 Written Episode, Jee Le Zara 22nd April 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Neena asking Saanchi to leave DV and get away from his life. DV comes and sees Neena, Anvay and Suparna in his room. He asks them why are they here, if there is some important discussion happening. Neena says they are planning about his cousin’s marriage in LA. DV says ok and asks Saanchi to bring tea for him. He goes to freshen up. Neena asks Saanchi not to tell anything to DV and goes. Suparna thinks DV should have come a bit later. Anvay looks angrily at Suparna. Suparna says she did not do anything, it is Neena’s decision. He goes from there.

Saanchi brings tea for DV. He looks her sad and asks her to smile. Saanchi remembers Neena asking not to tell anything to DV. Saanchi says nothing and says Neena brought his faourite cookies for him. He holds her hands

and asks her to sit. He says with marriage’s saath pheras, 7 oats are involved. He promised that he will be with him and will not leave her alone. He says he heard everything what Neena said.

Suparna brings tea to Neena and says it will help her relieve tension. She gives her tissue paper to wipe her sweat and asks her not to take tension. She says she is not doing wrong and is doing it for DV’s happiness.

Saanchi says mom told truth. DV says he cannot live without her and asks if she can live without him. Saanchi says she is ruining his life. DV says he became responsible because of her. She says mom was right when she let him married, even now she must be right.

Suparna says Neena that she is doing right thing for DV’s happiness. She says Saanchi is a good woman, but not perfect for DV as she cannot give him kids.

DV says someone is brainwashing mom. He could have stopped her, but she was not in a state to understand anything. Saanchi says mom asked to leave him and go. DV says mom is not telling by heard and is misunderstood. They have to clear her misunderstanding. Saanchi says he is right, but who is brainwashing her. DV says that does not matters, only her being with him matters. They both hug emotionally.

Saanchi says Neena that she understand her concern, but looking at DV’s confidence, she is also confident now. She says they will consult because doctors. She says Neena even she knows that she thinks she is perfect for DV. She promises that she will make her realize that she is perfect for DV in 6 days, else she will leave DV on 7th day. Neena says it is a serious matter and says if she wants 6 days to think, then it is ok. She asks her to take 6 days and then inform her decision. Saanchi thanks her and goes.

Suparna thinks if Saanchi goes for a second opinion, she will know that she is pregnant. She does not want that and will make Saanchi’s life a hell in these 6 days. Suparna is tense and thinks what to do in 6 days to get Saanchi out of the house as she cannot lose. She opens laptop and checks pregnancy website. Anvay comes and asks her if she is searching jewellery designs on net. He says her seeing do’s and don’ts in pregnancy webpage and asks why is she browsing this. Suparna lies that her friend is pregnant, so she is checking for her. She gets a call. Anvay asks her to pick the call. She picks and says if her dress is ready and she will come with money. Anvay asks what about her designer. Suparna says her designer is on leave, so she is stitching clothes with this tailor.

DV asks Saanchi what did mom say. Saanchi smiles and says mom agreed and said yes. DV gets happy and says she has time now to prove she is the best. He hugs her. She asks him to hug him later as she has to prepare breakfast for him and goes form from there.

Suparna brings painting and acts as having back sprain. Saanchi says she will fix the painting and climbs the ladder. Suparna shakes the ladder and Saanchi falls down.

Precap: DV gives money to servants and asks them to go. Neena calls servants, but nobody comes. Suparna asks what happend. Neena says she needs tea. Suparna says she will prepare it and goes. DV says if Suparna is smart, he is smarter than her.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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  1. The writer has completely lost the plot. Nothing makes sense anymore. Neena who is so fond of Saachi and like a mother to her is asking her to leave her son. Saachi knows Suparna is behind everything yet doesn’t expose her by showing the video where she asked Ankita to call the police. Was our favorite serial but not even able to watch it anymore.

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