Jee Le Zara 1st May 2014 Written Episode Update

Jee Le Zara 1st May 2014 Written Episode, Jee Le Zara 1st May 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Saanchi asking Neena to join them for a long drive. She says she will stay with her as she is not looking well. Neena asks her not to show concern and to go on drive. Suparna comes there. Neena asks if she is also going on a drive. Suparna says yes. Saanchi says she will stay. Neena goes from there angrily. Suparna removes car’s door lock. DV and Sanchi ask Anvay about Suparna. He says he did not see her and calls her, but Suparna does not pick her phone. They come out and see Suparna doing something near car. Anvay asks what is she doing. Suparna says her saree got caught. DV says he will drive. Suparna says she will drive today. She asks Saanchi to sit with her in front. They all sit in a car.

Suparna starts driving. She starts driving rashly. DV asks Saanchi to wear her seatbelt, but Suparna takes turns unnecessarily and does not let her wear seatbelt. Anvay asks her to drive slowly. Suparna says she used to drive like this in their college days. Anvay says we are not in college now. Suparna says she has not forgot driving and is driving slowly. Suparna thinks why is door lock not opening. Car’s door opens and Saanchi is about to fall, but Anvay forces Suparna to stop the car. He scolds Suparna for rash driving. Saanchi gets out of car and starts vomiting. Suparna thinks before everyone gets to know about Saanchi’s pregnancy, she should do something.

DV says Neena that Saanchi is not well, she is getting vomiting. Neena says she must have got food poisoning. She gives him syrup and asks him to give it to her. If she does not get well, he can take her to doctor tomorrow. DV thinks mom does not care about Saanchi now. Neena is worried about Saanchi. She hesistantly goes towards Saanchi’s room. Suparna sees her and asks her where is she going. Neena says Saanchi is unwell and she wants to check. Suparna says Saanchi is well, she just got motion sickness. She asks her not to check her as she will think you want to give her more time and she will feel bad leaving us.

DV forcefully feeds Saanchi juice as she did not eat anything since yesterday. Saanchi asks if mom knows about her illness and says it is already 5 days and nothing will change in 1 day. DV says we should be positive and says he has taken an appointment with another doctor. Suparna hears and thinks she should not let them go to another doctor as Saanchi will know that she is pregnant.

Neena and her family are having breakfast. She thinks Saanchi has not come yet. Saanchi comes down. Suparna drops banana skin on floor and asks Saanchi to sit with her. Saanchi is about to step on banana skin when DV asks to sit with him. She sits next to him. Suparna asks servant to bring tea. He brings tea, slips on banana skin and drops tea on Suparna. Neena asks Anvay to help Suparna. He says she is strong to help herself and says why did not she pick banana skin when she saw it already. He and DV then leave for office. Saanchi looks at Neena, but she does not look at her and goes from there.

Suparna thinks all her plans fail, but she has to do something to stop Saanchi from knowing about her pregnancy. Neena asks servant to call AC mechanic as her AC is not working. Suparna says she will AC mechanic. She calls AC mechanic. She then sees Saanchi being nauseated and says she looks ill, looks like she is dehydrated. Suparna sees AC mechanic and asks him to go to Saanchi’s room instead of Neena’s.

Precap: Suparna sees someone sleeping Saanchi’s room and thinks it is Saanchi. She switches on toxic gases in room and locks it. Neena is seen sleeping in the room. Suparna comes down is shocked to see Saanchi there.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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