Jee Le Zara 19th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Jee Le Zara 19th November 2013 Written Episode, Jee Le Zara 19th November 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Sanchi says later.. ! DV asks why later? Why not now? Sanchi stammers..! She says am scared! DV lifts Sanchis chin and makes her look at him..! He says am with u..! Close ur eyes! Sanchi says later..! DV says ‘baad ka wait kar karke main barbaad ho jaunga’! Sanchi says please! DV says i should say please.. that u rather not look so pretty that i cant control! DV says wanna grab u in my arms! Sanchi says its not right! DV says its love.. sharing all with ur partner is love! DV says we have crossed one level of love.. now its time to open second chapter! Sanchi says but! DV says u trust me? Sanchi nods a yes! DV says Close ur eyes!Sanchi closes her eyes! DV steps away..! Sanchi opens her eyes..and sees DV sitting on one knee holdin a ring..! She is stumped! DV says.. write ur name on every chapter of my life from now.. make every evening more pretty.. every night more exciting . .every morning. .more beautiful and every afternoon more quiet! DV says. ..please. .will u marry me? Sanchi is teary eyed..! She smiles ..! She sits down n hugs him..! BG- Aaja jane jaan! DV smiles..! Sanchi too..smiles! DV says ur tears are a yes? Sanchi nods yes..! Both smile..! DV puts the ring on Sanchis finger. and kissses her hand! Both rest their head on each other ..their nose touching!

Part 2

Sanchi wakes up with a smile next morning! She imagines DV kissing her on the forehead..! She smiles and caresses his face! Suddenly he disappears! BG – Kuch to hua hai..! Sanchi smiles..! She daydreams about DV..! She opens the window panes.. the wind blows.. and she smiles! DV comes n pulls her in his arms n they dance together. .he twirls her around..! She realises she is dancing all by herself..! She smiles! She turns the dupatta  all around n puts it on her face ..n smiles! Aaji-Nani talk of karela juice and Nani asks if Sanchi is drinking it? Look at the glow on her face! She hugs them and wishes them..! She is about to leave when Nani offers her the bag to get milk ..! She extends her left hand n then takes it back since she is wearing the ring! She opens the door n sees DV n thinks she is imagining..! She thinks he kissed her hand .. n she blushes!  She walks past Yadav and wishes him ..n wishes everyone on the way..! DV watches her from the balcony and smiles..! Nani tells DV to get the work done! DV says came here for that only! Sanchi comes back n asks what is the matter? Sanchi is holding red roses n Nani says great ones..! SaRuv exchange looks and DV shakes hand at her and she smiles n blushes!

Part 3

Aaji asks DV to take Sanchis pic..!  DV asks Sanchi to smile n she asks what is he doing? DV says.. doing work.. u liked flowers n brought it. .n u r looking pretty so taking pics! Sanchi glares..! Aaji signals to DV to continue..!  Sanchi is confused..! Aaji asks DV to tell Sanchi to wear something pretty so that pics come better! Sanchi asks why? DV says no probs lemme take full length! Sanchi asks why taking my pics? Close up n full length? What is happening? Nani says to make ur profile on matrimonial website..! Sanchi glares at DV..! Sanchi fumes n walks off! She sits on her bed and fumes ..always joking! DV comes n sits next to her n hugs her n says sweetheart ur so smart .. calling me in ur room in front of all..! Sanchi gives him the ring back n says.. u give me ring.. propose me n taking pics for my marriage profile? DV says.. cant break Nani Aajis heart.. its small thing. dun fume! Sanchi says if i get married to someone else..its small thing? DV says will make horrible profile.. no one will see tho u will still look pretty! Sanchi says will wear this ring when u tell Aaji-Nani! DV says i will talk .. SAnchi asks why u n not me? DV says am  a boy asking a girl to marry me so..! DV asks Sanchi to wear the ring..n not take it off..! Sanchi asks its engagement ring.. how to wear it?? DV turns in around n says put it on u.. wont let u take it off.. they hold hands! Sanchi says come downstairs.. n lets talk to them!  Downstairs.. DV tells Aaji-Nani that Sanchi has said yes! Nani asks take pics..! DV Says something very important to tell u both! Aaji asks yes? DV stammers to tell ..n says.. me.. Sanchi prompts him! He coufs..n struggles..  n talks of profile .. ! Sanchi drops something while cooking! DV looks at her. n struggles again! He says something important.. me and Sanchi ..! He coufs ..! He asks Sanchi to give him a glass of water..! She asks him to talk to them! Nani is on the way to mandir. .n DV says will talk there.. lemme go with u! Sanchi requests him to talk to them fast!  DV prays to God to help him ..! He says u know love Sanchi want to marry her. . all coz of age issue.. stuck..! u sent me 7 years later. our love relation maths.. is messed up . now solve it! DV says please.. help! Aaji asks why so troubled? DV says.. its life matter.. one day.. there was a bell ringing n it happened! Nani n Aaji think he has some sickness..! DV says am fine! They ask why asked for blessing for life? DV says.. asked for blessing for my marriage too..along Sanchi! Aaji asks what type of girl u want? DV thinks of Sanchi .. n describes her.. pretty, intelligent, caring, from a good family and if she is older to me its ok! Aaji is shocked..! DV smiles!

Precap — Sanchi is helping to clear DVs room, picking up his discarded clothes when he walks in from the bathroom wearing a towel! Sanchi shrieks n turns her back to him n asks why out of bathroom like this? DV says…then how to come out? She says am leaving n DV grabs her hand n pulls her close n says u were gonna help me! Sanchi says.. yes but.. n DV grins!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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