Jee Le Zara 19th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Jee Le Zara 19th December 2013 Written Episode, Jee Le Zara 19th December 2013 Written Update

DV calls Sanchi and says they should call Police. Sanchi agrees but just then sees a handkerchief. She calls DV at that place and starts calling out for Ankita. She then sees a purse too which Dilz identifies as Ankita’s. There is a cottage there and the trip wonder if Ankita could be inside. They go in and there crouched in a corner is Ankita who is very scared. She runs and hugs DV in relief. She then says I Love You DV to him which shocks Sanchi and Dilz. DV asks what she was doing there and Ankita says that she came to jungle as she was bored, then got scared seeing some tribal folk. DV asks her to say thanks to Sanchi and Dilz who were hell worried for her. She thanks them but says they need not have as DV will have searched her from Hell also. As they began to go, Ankita insists

that DV stays behind with her while Sanchi and Dilz can leave. Sanchi says he should stay as he is Ankita’s Hero. DV says she is mad, but Sanchi says whatever she might be, she means a lot to DV, so he should stay. DV again asks Sanchi if she still does not trust him, so Sanchi says that he has told whatever is not there between him and Ankita, but has not told what is there between herself and him. DV says he wants to tell his parents first, but Sanchi says for that he will have to feel ashamed for their relationship always. and that he should respect his relationship and since he has taken acceptance from Nani and Ajji, so now he needs take acceptance from his parents and friends too.

DV goes to tell Ankita about himself and Sanchi. Ankita thinks he is talking about loving herself, but DV goes and tells that he loves Sanchi. Ankita gets shocked. DV asks if she heard what he was saying, and Ankita says she has heard but cannot understand. She says he used to have affairs every third week, but DV says that was just time pass, but he is serious about Sanchi. Ankita asks if she can adjust to his society, and DV says that he will change his society and lifestyle for her. Ankita tries to reason with him that Sanchi is very nice, but this relationship will not be accepted by the society. DV loses his cool, and says that if she can’t accept this relationship then sometimes friends are lost in love. Ankita pretends that she has accepted it but thinks that DV has gone mad and cannot understand logic right now. They all leave from there.

Next morning at breakfast, Sanchi is very happy and hyper active and Nani and Ajji are happy seeing her so happy and chirpy. DV comes with a bouquet. And Nani says of course Sanchi is chirping as DV has brought a garden for her. He goes and hands the bouquet to Nani and Ajji who ask him to sit for breakfast. Nani tease Sanchi, why is she so happy today, and DV too joins in the teasing but Sanchi smartly quips that since her Nani and Ajji are happy with her. She starts leaving for office and DV says he too will come and then Sanchi teases that what happened now. He was talking of spending day night with Nani and Ajji.

Dilz calls Nani and asks her to make her favourite Halwa as DV has told everything to Ankita and now she will run away from here. Outside in the lawns, DV and Sanchi are having a naughty romantic moment, when DV hugs Sanchi and asks if he can kiss her here next day. Ankita sees them romancing and feels sad.

Precap: Ankita telling Dilz that one day DV and Sanchi will surely break-up and then DV will need herself and Sanchi would need Dilz. Dilz gets mad and Sanchi overhears it.

Update Credit to: Bournville

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