Jee Le Zara 18th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Jee Le Zara 18th November 2013 Written Episode, Jee Le Zara 18th November 2013 Written Update

Sanchi did not appreciate what her closed ones did on her birthday, so she took out all her anger on the poor cake leaving DV in shock. She bursted out on everyone and asked why did that do this with her. Sanchi’s eyes becaome glassy in pain and she ran into her room. DV was not happy with Sanchi’s behaviour. Sanchi held her parent’s picture and cried bitterly. Dadi and Aji came and tried to talk to Sanchi but Sanchi was furious on them. She demanded that despite knowing everything why did they allow this to happen.

Prachi disclosed to her husband that it was not only her birthday but their parents death anniversary as well.

Aji asked Sanchi to forget what happened 15 years back. She demanded whether they themselves have forgotten how they lost their childen the very same day. Aji said they can never get them back but they can definitely think about the good times and smile instead of being sad.

Hearing this Sanchi stormed out of the room.

DV met Sanchi where she isolated herself feeling sad. She asked DV to leave and when DV refused to leave she asked what did she want. She demanded how could be even think that she would like to celebrate her birthday and how can he be so insensitive. DV dragged her inside the car and drove off. Sanchi refused to come along with him when dragged her out of the car and both of them entered the orphanage. One by one DV asked the kids to reveal their misery and sanchi felt hurt hearig their sad stories how they were left alone in the ashram. How some of their own parents left them in the ashram. Sanchi’s tears were not stopping. DV said he gave chocolates to them in the morning and they forgot all their sadness and enjoyed what they got. Similarly he wanted Sanchi to enjoy.

Sanchi when said that her case was different. DV agreed and said that the kids were far more stronger than Sanchi. Sanchi left the Ashram and ordered DV to take her to the house.

Everyone waited for them in the living room when Sanchi and DV arrived. Sanchi’s eyes feel on Prachi’s husband and asked him with a straight face and enquired when he arrived. He felt puzzled and then offered her the bouquet.

Sanchi hugged everyone one by one and then DV wished her happy birthday. When Sanchi asked about the cake DV showed the cake which she had threw on the floor in anger. Dils brought a special halwa cake and made her cut it. He fed DV some halwa and DV pinched her cheeks. They silently conveyed their love and understanding for each other. DV took some snaps.

Prachi and Sunil wanted to go home and Prachi left with him happily. Dil and DV left next bidding her good night. She felt happy about everything and retired to her room. She was thinking about DV, his kiss and his pinching her when her eyes fell on someone standing near her window. She armed herself with a vase and was about to hit him when he hushed her.

Sanchi asked what was he doing. He said he wanted to gift her something which was still pending. A small, sweet…and leaned towards her.

Precap: DV asked Sanchi to close her eyes.

Update Credit to: appy_indy-KD

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