Jee Le Zara 17th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Jee Le Zara 17th December 2013 Written Episode, Jee Le Zara 17th December 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Anky talks of taking a pic ! Dils says we will be late for movie..! Anky says a place like Panchgani .. DV .. n this weather wont come back.. lets take a pic.. n DV makes faces..! They take a pic..! Anky asks to stop the car and says.. wanna have ice cream..! DV n Dils crib but Anky insists..! DV says fine..! She asks about flavour n vendor says.. strawberry and chocolate! She says am confused! DV says.. if u cant eat i will ..! Anky says i love u. .to DV n squeezes his face..! She puts ice cream on DVs face.. n takes pic..! Anky says lemme upload this.. !She says no signal ..! She walks to a side ..! Dils tells DV he is not doing right! He asks what? Dils says Ankys behaviour is not normal .. Sanchi is in tension coz of ur n Sanchis closeness..! DV says.. u n i are close

n live under one roof.. but she is not worried about us .. Dils says.. coz m Sanchis bestie! DV says.. same way Anky is my bestie ..! DV asks Dils to trust him! Dils says.. i trust u . .not her! DV says trust me..!

On the way .. car is screeching n DV asks to check the back tyre.. n she gets down .. n DV drives off n Anky hugs him n kisses his cheek! Sanchi is day dreaming n says.. why am i so scared? Nani told to keep faith. then why am i worried? She says.. the more bad i think..worse will happen!

Part 2

DVs elder bro ..chides Pradeep for giving him bogus papers.. ! He says even Sanchis lawyer said same they are bogus! He says to stop wasting time n put pressure on Sunil ..! Anky says.. Panchgani is not fun ..not much youth …! Dils says coz youth are foolish..! Anky says.. time doesnt come back..! DV n they arrive at the movie hall n DV says u r right.. time doesnt come back.. have urgent work .. will finish n come back n he drives off..! He asks Dils to take care of Anky ..!

Sanchi is lying on a chair on the terrace n DV comes n sits next to her. .n asks what r u doing? Sanchi says following dads steps..! DV says ur lying..! Sanchi says thats how..! Dad used to say. .when u have a problem that u dun have solutions for.. lie down n count stars.. u will calm down n the problem will appear smaller..! DV lies down next to her n says i need to do same..! Sanchi asks whats ur problem? DV says. .have ..theres a girl i love a lot.. but she doesnt trust me! Sanchi asks thot why ?? DV says yes.. thot..a lot..! Sanchi says count.. stars .. u will get answers.. ! DV says i got the answer..! Sanchi asks what? DV says.. will win the trust. .when someone is ready to surrender..! DV says.. to win trust means to surrender.. ..surrender fear. .doubt.. logic..! DV asks Sanchi if she can do it? Sanchi smiles.. ! DV Says.. i dun wanna be ur problem.. rather ur solution! Sanchi says.. u are.. u came n said the solution! DV says.. coz.. i see stars even in day ..! They hug…! They are touching each others hand..!

Part 3

Anky comes in DVs room n says..he is showering? She is checking love songs n old song cds.. n DV comes in towel .. n Anky flirts with him saying. u look so hot.. after taking bath! DV says get out . .lemme change! Anky says. .ur not hindi film hero .. that i will lose control .. hv seen u in shorter than this..! DV says what? Anky says.. in swimming trunks..! Dils is shocked to see this banter! Anky says..change .. in front of me.. ! DV asks ur nuts? Anky says.. yes seeing ur abs n cuts! Came so far for u n ur sending me away? DV says go.. lemme change..! Anky says ur the one who has changed! She says old fashioned.. man! DV says.. lemme slap u. .n Anky says with pleasure! Dils says.. leave.. all this wont happen here.. n asks DV why roaming in towel . .go change! Anky says.. leave this aunty attiude n be cool ..! She fumes but asks Anky to leave n she does! She asks for more pastries.. n Dils fumes!

Sanchi asks Aaji the matter? Why upset n Nani-Aaji says tv connection is a bit shaken so..! Sanchi says.. thats a old thing.. u r worried about Prachi? Lemme talk to her! Nani says.. better will mess things up..! Sanchi says am the elder sis ..lemme talk n sort it out! Aaji says. once SaRuv get married all will shut up.! Sanchi says theres time for that to happen.. till then u both cant sulk..! Prachis mom in law comes in her room n sees Sanchis call for her..! She cuts the call ..! Sanchi tries again .. n Prachis mom in law cuts again..! Third time she calls.. Prachis mom in law receives n asks her .. what language to talk to u in? U r all flimsy people ..talking big.. n acting so cheap? Be grateful we din send Prachi home..! We are reputed people.. not idiots..! Sanchi is in shock.. but lies to Aaji-Nani .. about the convo..! Aaji-Nani ask who it was? Sanchi says.. some lady .. who asked to call later..! Sanchi feels guilty putting Prachi in trouble…! Sanchi is on her way to the jeep n Dils comes sulking! Sanchi asks whats the matter? Dils cribs about Anky ..! How she is dancing around DV .. n eating plum cakes! Sanchi says its a matter of 2 days..! Dils says.. she is staying back for 7 days..! Dils says.. worried about her trying to lure DV! Sanchi says dun worry so much. .go home n rest! Better go to Aaji-Nani ..! Dils says.. i wont let anyone kicking me out of my home n same way u should not allow some girl to kick u out of ur b.fs life..? U should do something to reclaim ur b.f..! Sanchi looks on at Dils!

Precap — Sanchi and DV are standing on a deserted looking bridge and Sanchi asks DV how he can say this way to Anky? She is new to this place.. what if she is in trouble? DV says maybe she is not here! Sanchi asks to call n check n DV asks Dils n finds out Anky left from home an hour back..!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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