Jee Le Zara 16th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Jee Le Zara 16th April 2014 Written Episode, Jee Le Zara 16th April 2014 Written Update

According to Sony’s schedule, Jee Le Zara wasn’t supposed to come, but they telecasted it. Here’s update.

The episode starts with Saanchi and DV going to doctor’s office and doctor informing her that her chances of getting pregnant are very less due to her age. Saanchi is shocked to hear that. She asks doctor to check her report again as she did this test for her rash. Doctor says her thyroid and prolactin count is very high and it will be difficult for her to get pregnant. Saanchi asks if there is a way. Doctor says she will prescribe some medicine and let us hope for the best. DV takes the prescription and takes Saanchi from there. He tries to console Saanchi and asks her not to cry. Saanchi hugs her and cry. DV says he does not need anything in life than her. If they don’t get kid, it is okay as she is everything for him.

Suparna is waiting for DV and Saanchi to tell her good news. Mom asks Suparna DV and Dhruv call her. They both come. Mom asks DV if doctor saw the report and what did she tell. She sees them tensed and asks if everything is alright. DV says he will tell her later as Saanchi needs rest this time and goes to his room with Saanchi. Suparna gets happy seeing Saanchi tensed.

Saanchi and DV reach their room. Saanchi is very sad. They both remember talking about kids earlier. Phone bell rings. DV picks the call and speaks to Aaaji. Aaji says to tell her wishes to his parents and asks him to give phone to Saanchi. DV gives phoe to Saanchi, but she does not want to. He says Aaji is missing her and will be tensed if she does not speak to her. Saanchi picks phone and speaks to Aaji. Aaji asks how is she. Saanchi says she is fine and asks who is she. Aaji says she is fine and says she got her childhood frock ad remembered her childhood days. She says she has kept frock for her daughter. Saanchi cries vigorously and says she will speak to her later. Aaji says okay and cuts the call. Saanchi runs to the bathroom.

Suparna asks mom why is she tensed. Mom says she is tensed because of Saanchi as she did not tell anything after coming from doctor’s office. Suparna asks her to call doctor and check. She calls doctor who informs Saanchi cannot become mother as her prolactin and TSH levels are high. Mom gets tensed hearing doctor’s words. Suparna asks what happened. Mom informs what doctor told. Suparna says even she heard that with age, there would be problems in pregnancy, Saanchi will have problems as she is aged. She gets happy and thinks let us see what will happen next.

Saanchi tries to sleep but cannot. Saanchi remembers dcotor’s words. DV asks her not to cry as he cannot see her crying. Saanchi says how can she stop crying. She says even he had a hope of having baby. DV says we can other options or can adopt a kid. DV says he does not need anybody than her, not even a kid. She says he made a mistake by marrying her. DV says he did not make any mistake and asks her not to cry. He says he can live without a kid but not without her, he is very happy with her. Mom listens to heir conversation. Suparna thinks she has convinced her and world that she cannot get pregnant, now she has to make sure Saanchi does not get pregnant. She thinks you did not let my sister married to DV, now you see what I will do.

Mom is tensed that Saanchi cannot get pregnant and she cannot see DV’s kid. Suparna asks mom what is she talking. She says she knows she is tensed with doctor’s words. She says she is also sad that DV cannot become papa. She asks her to control herself and goes from there.

Precap: Suparna says she is also sad that they cannot see kid in this house. She says Saanchi is very old to get kids, that is her drawback.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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