Jee Le Zara 15th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Jee Le Zara 15th April 2014 Written Episode, Jee Le Zara 15th April 2014 Written Update

Part 1

Anvaye is in his room and Suparna comes to him ..! She fakes and says i know ur upset and i know ur right.. i just need some more time! Sanchi has taken Ankys place and i cant forget it.. and u know some wounds dun heal so soon! Anvaye tells Suparna to stop her drama and accept her! Anvaye tells Suparna that he too was against Sanchi but today when he sees DV he is proud.. he can see DV being responsible and today dad has given responsibility on DV …! Anvaye tells Suparna that SaRuv have built a gud life together and i dun want anyone to destroy it… no more politics in this house… ! Suparna says i know i was wrong and i will change..! She asks for some more time! Anvaye says if she is truly repenting better go apologize to all and make a fresh start..! He leaves!

Sanchi smiles recollecting DVs words ..and Nina asks the matter? Sanchi says nothing! Nina asks why smiling .. thinking of whom? DV?? Nope .. . thinking of chota DV? Sanchi says stop it! Suparna comes and says.. why all u smiling? Nina gives Sanchi magazine of nice dishes and asks to make them as ideal mind is waste of time! Suparna apologizes to the two of them for her mistakes..! She folds hands and apologizes… to Sanchi …! Nina is still upset..! Suparna says wanna change..! Sanchi smiles and says family is not about being upset with each other. .its for loving each other and handling each other..! Sanchi says.. in family all are incomplete without each other and she is the elder bahu of the family …! Suparna and Sanchi hug..! Nina smiles..! She tells Suparna that she is happy Suparna is trying to change and says i love both my daughter in laws..! She tells Suparna not to think she is big by relation but by deeds! Nina says to Sanchi she has her appointment? Sanchi says today evening ..! Suparna swears to teach Sanchi a big lesson for taking Ankys place and for her insult..!

Part 2

Suparna asks someone on phone if he figured out what she told? He says yes.. n says we do this everyday … and all docs will say what she wants..! Suparna self thot. .enouf of happy family .. now see how i will throw a twist that.. Sanchi will lose her all ..!

Dils calls Sanchi and Sanchi tells Dils how when one has hubby like DV they cant stay upset for long..! She says DV has agreed for baby ..and Dils says.. i m excited too ..she will call me masi! Sanchi says .. have my appointment today .. so will talk to u later..! Suparna fumes on someone on phone and says to sneak in the house thru backdoor and she will give him instructions ..!

Sanchi is looking for her medical report file but cant find it…! DV calls Sanchi and says hi mommy … what r u doing? Daddy is missing mommy .. wont u talk to me? Sanchi says will call u later! DV says why stressed? Sanchi says cant find the reports..! She keeps searching and Nina asks the matter? Sanchi says cant find report file… n the duo look ..! Sanchi says will have to go get duplicates..! Suparna asks the matter? Sanchi repeats…! Suparna says was on table.. asks servant..! They keep searching … ! DV says trying Sanchis number since long she is not receiving ..! Nina says searching for her reports ..! Sanchi says the matter and DV says am on the way …we will take duplicates and go ..!

Suparna drops papers and makes Sanchi pick them up and she sneaks out to give instructions to someone for fake reports…! She takes the fake reports from them … n sends them off..

Part 3

Suparna drops the papers and right then Sanchi comes to her room ..! She enters but Suparna is gone..! Sanchi spots the file and informs DV .. about it..! She heads off and Suparna slides out from behind curtains ..! SaRuv reach the doc …! They smile seeing baby pics..! They discuss having many kids and Sanchi being pregnant..! DV teases her..! Sanchi says hope all is ok with reports..! DV reassures her! Doc reads the reports.. and says chances 1 in a lac for conception! SaRuv are shocked ..!

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Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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