Jee Le Zara 14th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Jee Le Zara 14th January 2014 Written Episode, Jee Le Zara 14th January 2014 Written Update

Part 1

Prachi asks why they have to watch expense given they have Rs.25Cr? Sanchi says.. its not our money! Prachi asks why coz its urs? Sanchi says no..not like that ..that money is not meant for us and not for our personal use! Prachi says why? She says u cant say no to us from enjoying this money! Aaji says its not our money and we are not happy about it! Prachi says yes coz its my happiness! Prachi says you all only agree to Sanchi! She says ur making big mistake.. you are turning down Laxmi..! She walks off! Nani tells Sanchi to let it be as she is very selfish person!

Anky is walking out and Sukanya stops her!She says that all the resolve you have? Anky says you can see how he misbehaves with me..! Sukanya says and his mission too on which he is winning! Anky says cant

tolerate..! Sukanya says.. he is a gold mine..there are only 10 guys like him in the world. he is a cultured guy ..and he wont raise his hand on u.. he talks bitter..just listen and forget..! Anky pouts but Sukanya insists her…to continue trying!

Pradeep comes calling at Sanchis place.. and says.. am your brother.. have to check on you! Know you broke your relation. . you must be hurt.. ! Pradeep says.. so what if your heart break. you made Rs. 25Cr … ur a top player… in this much money you can afford.. many top players and toys..! Aaji asks Pradeep if he came to sympathise? Aaji says.. you have no culture.. no etiquete.. its enough.. go home and rest..! Sanchi asks Aaji to relax! Pradeep says wah ji.. Aaji ..! He says.. at ur age u cannot digest so much money. am the son of this house too! Sanchi says.. that money is not mine..and will not be distributed! Pradeep asks why? Sanchi says no..i dun want that money..! Pradeep says.. are u crazy? U dun want.. so what? Aadu wants.. Prachi wants.. i want.. ! He says. .u cannot keep that money Sanchi .. u dun want doesnt matter! Sanchi says dun force.. that money is not meant for us.. i wont touch it! Pradeep says. .wont sell my land. .wont let Pradeep sell. .that money is not for me.. wont marry..! How many NO in ur life Sanchi? Thats why God din give u any family .. no relations.. in ur life..there are only two words… Main ..aur Nahi ..! Pradeep says.. ur every phrase starts with Main ..and ends on Nahi .. n between that.. all brother and sisters are being crushed..! Pradeep asks Prachi to convince Sanchi n she says. .u do that.. she doesnt listen to us …! Pradeep says.. u din let me sell my land Sanchi.. this money belongs to me too … i will stake my claim … if ur a Prabhu . .am a Prabhu too .. ur a Crorepati. .then i m a Crorepati too..! He walks off..!

Part 2

Anky comes to DV and DV fumes on her ..! Sukanya says.. she came to meet me..! She asks DV how he is? He says going for a drive..! Anky says i had ur car keys.. lemme drop u off? She says wont say anything bad.. ! Sukanya smirks..! DV relents! They are at the pub again..! DV is drinking! Anky stops him from drinking! DV says came with you.. coz i thot u wont stop me.. else i will leave from here! DV sees a couple fighting..! The guy says. .family wont accept u ..cant afford ur lifestyle..! DV says.. u have such a loyal g.f why asking her to leave? The guy asks DV to stay out of it! DV says. such beautiful love.. its not personal .. people should see this..! People show off their jewelery… u show ur unique love.. and ask people whose G.f leave them..! DV shows the ring he purchased for Sanchi n gives to the guy.. to put on the girls hand..! The guy says..its too expensive and he says.. Ring mehengi hai par mera pyaar sasta hai.. take it! Anky asks what he is doing? Nuts? DV says.. yes.. but am not is madness! The guy puts the ring on the girls hand..! The girl thanks DV..! DV-Anky leave from there! DV is drinking and imagines Sanchi in a mirror..looking and smiling at him ..! DV loses his cool n breaks the mirror… ! He says i know ur not here.. just my hallucination .. i am alone .. completely alone..!!

Part 3

DVs mom tells him ur not alone. .am with u! DV asks her to leave..n says dun want u to see me like this! Leave! DVs mom says if me leaving makes u better.. then will leave..! DVs mom says thot that among all my sons .. u love me the most.. u used to call me ur sweetheart.. then why dun u listen to me? DV says..if ur asking me to forget Sanchi. .wont happen! DVs mom says not saying that ..just reminding u of other people like me. .ur dad ..ur brothers.. ur sister in law.. we all who love u so much! DVs mom says.. if u can kill urself for Sanchi. .drown urself in drinks..cant u live for us? DV says.. pe raha hun isliye jee raha hun .. when i drink. i see her silhoutte.. if i dun drink ..then i will see her everywhere…!! While eating. .sleeping .. driving. .n that will break my heart.. n make me cry..! DV asks his mom..if she wants her son to cry in front of strangers?? He requests her to let him drink ..and sleep..!

Yash Goyal (DVs dad) is on phone and asks him to relax and says this deal will be of Goyals.. leave it! DVs mom comes and he asks the matter? Why worried? She says coz of DV..! Yash says.. its all resolved now.. what is the issue? DVs mom says.. DV is lost in her thots.. ! She says he is busy drinking …all the time! Yash Goyal says.. he will relent soon..! She says we will lose him before that! Yash says.. will go beg that greedy girl? DVs mom says.. Sanchi left DV for me.. my sake..! She says all about her and Sanchis interaction..! DVs mom says.. DV will separate from all of us! Yash says.. if Sanchi sacrificed her love.. then why take the money? DVs mom says cant see DV in this pain . n Yash says cant see waste of time .. go sleep or go watch TV .. lemme work!

Next day .. DVs elder bro says Sanchi has not encashed the cheque! Yash says.. go create a situation that she has to encash that cheque..! DVs elder bro says will be done..!

Precap —- Mugda comes to Sanchi n says.. jam consignment has been returned under the pretex that the jams are rotten! Sanchi asks how is it possible? We had checked and sent..!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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