Jee Le Zara 13th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Jee Le Zara 13th November 2013 Written Episode, Jee Le Zara 13th November 2013 Written Update

DV is planning to do something special for Sanchi’s Birthday with Dilz, when Nani comes there. Both are scared, but Nani says DV is right. We should celebrate Sanchi’s birthday, she needs to come out of those memories. They decide to plan everything when Sanchi is in office.

Pradeep goes to meet Sunil and lures him promising him his own business if he comes to discuss things with him next day. Sunil agrees. Pradeep updates Mr. Goel about this and he is happy and assures that Sunil will surely join him in his plans in order to make more money fast.

Next morning, Nani is in hurry to drive Sanchi out of the house and asks her to eat big mongrels fast. She even makes excuse that there has been an accident in the market area and so there is a traffic jam, and so she needs to hurry. She even asks her to take her breakfast on the way. She and Dilz don’t even let her take her dupatta and when Prachi comes up suddenly, Nani says she has called her for shopping.

Sanchi meets DV on the way, and she asks if he doesn’t want her to go. DV asks if she would stop if he says so, and Sanchi says she was just kidding. DV says, you joke also. Then he says please go fast else he would not let her go. DV asks her to wish on his fallen eye lash and when she is doing so with her eyes closed, he quietly goes and kisses her. Sanchi smiles shyly.

At home everyone is discussing the plan where Prachi says it’s not going to work and why did she waste her time by calling her here. Nani loses her temper that she did not know she is so unconcerned about her sister. Nani angrily says that Sanchi does so many things for everyone, why can’t you take small risk for her happiness. Ajji agrees that they have to take her out of this depression. Aadu also joins in the plan and Prachi too reluctantly agrees.

Next day, Sanchi is distributing gifts at an orphanage and Aadu gets touched seeing all this. He says that she always gives everyone something, but nobody ever gives her anything. Sanchi says she gets blessing. The father comes there and says she always comes on this day of the year and if there is some special occasion? Aadu is about to say that it’s Sanchi’s birthday, but she says its her parents death anniversary.

Pradeep and Mr. Goel are waiting for Sunil. He arrives there and there Mr. Goel hands him a check of Rs 3 crores in Prachi’s name. Sunil asks what’s this for and Pradeep explains that this is Prachi’s share in the price of the land provided that the land is sold which Sanchi is not willing it to be let sold. Sunil asks why Sanchi is not doing the deal, and Pradeep says she is stupid fighting over land, but Mr. Goel says maybe she is too clever and is waiting for the right deal herself whose truth she will hide from her brother sisters and grab the maximum share. Sunil is confused and says he will call later. Mr. Goel is confident that Sunil will come with them. After they both leave, Pradeep thinks to himself that he had shaken up Prachi’s roots and soon he will make her fall.

Precap: Everyone has arranged a surprise Birthday party for Sanchi and DV brings a birthday cake, which Sanchi throws away

Update Credit to: Bournville

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