Jee Le Zara 10th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Jee Le Zara 10th April 2014 Written Episode, Jee Le Zara 10th April 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Dhruv/DV sleeping in his mom’s lap and asks if she was very busy taking care of her children. She says she had 3 children and it was difficult caring them. He asks did dad accept becoming dad. She says when she was pregnant with her first child Anvay, Yash was not ready for a child, but once he took Anvay in his hand he accepted him and used to take care of him very well. She says woman is always ready to start family, but man accepts it later. DV gets happy for clearing his doubt and hugs his mom.

Anvay, DV and whole family watch their childhood pics. DV asks Saanchi to join him. She says she saw it earlier with mom. Anvay shows DV’s pic eating mud and says he thought dad would scold him, but he was happy rather seeing his mischieves. He says to take care of their kids when they get them. Mom asks DV they should get the kids soon. Suparna says let them enjoy first, later they can have kids. Saaanchi says she wants to go to her room. Suparna signals DV to join Saanchi.

DV comes and hugs Saanchi and says she works a lot. He says Raman and Shruti surprised us the other day, we will surprise them today by taking them out for an icecream. She says she is tired and asks if they can go some other day. He says he scolded her a lot and asks sorry. She says she is feeling weak and tired. She gets a call and speaks to her brother who informs he passed in his exams. He says he came 2nd in his class and semester but will come first next time. He asks to inform DV and aunty. She asks him to inform himself and gives phone to DV. DV talks to him.

Saanchi comes in the morning and sees DV still sleeping. She wakes him up and asks him to get ready for office. He says he does not want to go to office and spend time with her. She says even she thinks they should spend time together. He asks if she is angry on him even now as she accepted whatever he said. She says it is nothing like that and asks him to get ready for breakfast. DV thinks she is near him, but is sad, what should he do to make her happy.

DV calls Dislhad. She starts flirting with him and asks to marry him. She asks where is Saanchi. He says she is angry on her and asks if she told about it to you. Dilshad says she is tensed that she disappointed you and wanted a child early. DV says he understands but having a child so early is a big change in his life. Dilshad says Saanchi changed completely for you. She left her business, family, everything for you and adjusted with your family just for you. She tells about Saanchi’s brother Aadu being insulted by his family. He asks who insulted him. She says that is not important, he should think about Saanchi. He says he understands, but in his age.. She says he married Saanchi who is elder to her and even said her age does not matter. DV says he understood now and thanks her. She says your welcome and cuts the call.

DV meets Saanchi’s brother Aadu in a restaurant. He hugs DV happily, but DV says he disappointed him. He asks him to tell him what happened when he went to London and to tell truth as he is Saanchi’s brother. Aadu tells him about the incident and requests DV not to stretch the issue. DV says he cannot keep quiet after hearing this.

DV comes home looking sad. Mom asks what happened. He goes to Saanchi and says sorry for what happened to Addu when he went to London. He asks mom why Saanchi and Addu were misbehaved when he went to London. Saanchi says he does not know the exact reason. He asks to tell him. Suparna comes and asks what was he not informed.

Precap: Suparna checks Saanchi’s report and finds her pregnant. She thinks kid will separate Saanchi and DV.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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