Jealousy – A Samaina fanfiction Chapter 7

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Hello everyone.

Sorry I didn’t post for so long. I had really important work and I wasn’t well. I am better now so thought of writing another chapter. Sorry once again.

Chapter 7

After lunchtime it was sports class and the girls were playing on one side of the field. Naina was happily playing with swati and preeti and both of them were really happy seeing naina happy after so many days.

Sameer was also watching her from distance and a smile came across his face.He was standing with his teammates.The coach came there.

Coach: Team after seeing your performance I am very happy and especially sameer. So I have decided that sameer you will be the new team captain of our school team as arjun is selected and is busy practising for state team. So he won’t be able to play the interschool matches as he is practising with the state team.

Sameer: Thank you sir.

Sameer’s smile suddenly changes into a frown as he sees prem coming towards them.

Coach: And yes everyone this is prem he is a new student and also a very good cricket player. Prem was the captain of his School’s cricket team and now he is your teammate. Welcome to our team prem.

Prem: Thank you sir.

Sameer:(in his mind) this boy comes after everything I have. First my naina and now cricket. I hate him.

Suddenly a plan comes to his mind.

Sameer: Sir I was thinking that as the interschool matches are starting we should practice for it.

Coach: You are right sameer and as you are the new captain you decide and let me know.

Saying this the coach went away as principal had called him to discuss something.

Sameer: Listen everyone. We need to work hard if we want to win so we will practice everyday one hour before the school starts. (now I will see how this prem will study everyday with my naina)

Prem: Sameer please can you change the time I have tuitions in the morning .

Sameer: No prem there are 11 team members and we cannot change time for one.

Prem: But……

Sameer: You need to prioritize prem.

Prem gets sad and sameer smirks at such a wonderful plan.

Precap: Naina sees prem is sad and questions him about it.

So guys hope you like it and comment to let me know how was it. And any suggestions are welcomed so feel free to drop one in the comment section.


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  1. Aarti32

    That was too short!!
    N u need to update more often, coz I really love this story

  2. Wow glad your back missed u the update was very lovely waited so much for it do make it longer can’t get enough of it ???

  3. Samaira137

    Thank you for your feedback and I will try to update regularly…maybe on weekends

  4. Ghvpriya

    Wow dear. The update was very good ???. It’s really so nice that sameer is planning to make prem away from naina

  5. Samaina_loverzz

    This was short but Good.. Loved it.. Awsm Chappy Do update Next Chappy ASAP..☺?

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