Jealousy peaks in!!! Ishveer OS

Ishaani was sitting in her room n working in her a close look one can see that she was smiling seeing her pics with ranveer taken at random times..each picture reviving some of her memories. Looking at the next pic she gave a lovely had ranveer and ishaani looking at the mirror and he taking the pic where she looked dazed.

On that day Ishaani was simply taking pictures of her and ranveer was working in the laptop..after sometime she felt someone watching her n saw her hubby looking at her cutely. Ishaani “Ranveer y r u looking lyk tis?” Ranveer shrugging his shoulders “Nah..simply only”
He smiled at the modulation of her words and said “u r so cute my dr wifey”
“Aww thanq hubby” suddenly thinking of something “Hey u said me na tat u rote sme lines for me wen i was in college..say some of them na”
“Come on Ishaani those r all childish… not worth”
“Bt I wanna no was written for me na”she pouted.
” Ok Ok am saying..stop that pouting..ummm…”
He started walking towards her.
“With u near to me
Our eyes loving each other
Hands interwined with love
I wish to meet the path of destiny”

Now it was her turn to get lost in him.
He just turned her towards the mirror and clicked their pic.

Ishaani came out from the pool of her evocation wen Amba called her “Coming ma” saying so she rushed to meet her.

After attending her she walked towards the hall where Ranveer was entering which bought a smile to her face. Seeing someone entering with Ranveer she walked towards them.But after hearing their talk her smile faded and she had a silent face.

“Hi! I’m Yosha” said the girl with Ranveer to Ishaani.
Ishaani smiled at her while Ranveer said “Sweet name na”.She noded her head when tat girl said “Like u” to Ranveer.
“Really thank you so much dr” he replied.
Ishaani felt uncomfortable there..she knew tis girl cannot b a competition to her bt still….
Mine. The language of love is like that, possessive. Yes she felt possessive.

“Ishaani can u pls get us smething to eat”
“Yes..smething sweet” said Yosha.
“Sure” she went plastering a smile n came back wit sweets.

“Here have it Yoshu” Ranveer took n gave her d sweet making Ishaani frown at him.
“Tats so sweet of u” she said at his gesture.
They both chatted for a while while Ishaani stood as a silent spectator.

After a while “I think its time..let me take a lev..i would lyk to catch up wit u often darling, till am here” said Yosha.
“Sure dr drop in here at evenings” Ranveer smiled at her pulling her cheeks.
“Bye” Ranveer waved to her n she went out.

He turned only to see Ishaani stomping her feet n going upstairs. Confused of her behavior he went behind her towards their room.
Ishaani was about to close the door wen Ranveer forced himself inside.
“What happened Ishaani..r u upset of smething?”
“Not upset coz of u!”
“Me..wat did i do?”he asked confused.
She stood silently.
“Bolo na Ishaani”
“Hooo i’m Ishaani to she is Yoshu”
“Wat how did she come in d middle”
“..N wat were u saying ‘Here hve it Yoshu’….YOSHU! calling her fondly huh?”
“Bt Ishaani…wait ..dont tell me tat u r jealous of her”
“Come on Ishaani u r jealousy of her..its childish”
“It is NOT childish”
“Hey she is our neighbour’s relative..she ll stay only for 20 days”
“Look she is just 16…how could u b angry on me for talking to a small girl”
“I’m not angry coz u talked to a small girl bt u called her Yoshu..n also dr..dr??”

He smiled at her, How cute she is? he thought.’ Beta Ranveer now u hve to pacify her’ he said to himself n moved towards her.

He stood facing her and lifting her chin he said ” Come on Ishaani u r the moon and still u r jealous of the stars.”
She looked at him blankly.

“Tk sorry…I love u sunny”
This man knows how to woo her. She smiled at him.
“Hate u n love u tooo”

He kissed her forehead deeply showing care love n respect.
Life is bliss, they thought.


Hi , Tis is Roha coming here after many months..hope atleast some of u remember tis os girl…tis one is nt up to my mark lyk my previous. Bt still i felt to rite on ishveer n rote tis..waiting for ur lovely cmnts guys!!

Abt tis OS i would say tat possessiveness adds cuteness to love bt only wen it is limited.

N nw i can c sme new writers soooo happy tat i could atleast read our Ishveer…writers plzz continue ur works on our fav couple

  1. Superb dear it was toooo good I loved it enjoyed it very much ?

    1. Roha

      Thank u Neelam..happy that u enjoyed it

  2. Maya-Shelly

    Superb OSruha
    Keep writing more. Take care

  3. Maya-Shelly

    Superb OS roha
    Keep writing more. Take care

    1. Roha

      Thank maya for ur cmnt

  4. Sooooo cute

    1. Roha

      Awww..tnq so much Mehak

  5. Nandana

    Wow a very cute one dear …. Really loved her jealousy dear and the way ranveer pacified her …. And yeah I always loved ur OS …. And was always waiting for urs dear ….. Loved it as it was sooooo cute dear … A simple one but I enjoyed very much by reading….

    1. Roha

      Hi r u dng…happy tat u lyked d os…and soooo happy tat u remember me still…u no wat am one of d silent readers of ur ff…u write very nicely di…n u said in one of ur replies na tat u ll rite for ishveer fans…really di i was so happy reading tat…plz continue ur wrk di

    2. Nandana

      Hi dear I am not fine dear ……. I am having food poisoning… What about u dear ? ….. Happy to know that u r a silent reader of my ff dear ….. Yeah I will be keep writing but now I need some rest dear….. When I am fine I will start dear ……

  6. Rookeyrookersranvi

    Sooooo nice dear , loved it , amazing job !

    1. Roha

      Thnq so much dr for ur lovely cmnt

  7. Honey

    nice os dr

    1. Roha

      Thnq honey dr for ur cmnt

  8. luv ishveer to the core of my heart

    First of all welcome to u here after many months os girl, roha how can i forget u, i was WAITING… to read a ishveer os since ages nd it was such a lovely surprise to see u here nd my god this os really made my day, so sweet nd cute, u know through out reading this i was just smiling, feeling very very happy to be in ishveer’s magical world that u created…. I just luv reading ur os, they give me ishveer feels, they r the best pls keep them coming nd ohhh! feeling so happy to see new ff’s on this site. I never thought that i will get to read from u again…this was the best surprise. Thank u…:-) nd pls do write more

  9. Roha

    Hi r u dng….am soo glad tat u remember me…n happy tat i was able to make u smile dr..really is my os tat gud?? anyways am literally grinning after reading ur cmnt…sure i ll try to i cant often as am gng to face my public xams tis i ll gve os wen i can..take care!

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