Hello guys I’m back with a new Os of mine. Hope you will like this also. So let’s begin without wasting time:

A beautiful girl was seen preparing lunch in the kitchen. Just then she feels that two hands are sliding from her waist. She got to know who was he because she can tell with his mere touch that this hands are of her love of her life HER VANSH for whom she can die…

VANSH: SWEETHEART what is in the lunch.
He said while nuzzling his nose in her neck she closed her eyes while feeling his every touch.

RIDDHIMA: I’m making your favourite white sauce pasta, cheese crust pizza, and your favourite oreo milkshake


Just then door bell of MANSION ring. Vansh goes to open the door.
And the person who was on the gate made him very much happy. The person was his chilhood best friend ROSHNI KHURANA..
He immediately hugged her but this made Riddhima uncomfortable and jealous. She came there and make them separate.
Vansh introduced them.

VANSH: Riddhima she is Roshni my childhood friend. And roshni she is Riddhima my……

But Roshni cut him in between..

ROSHNI: Your servant right??
RIDDHIMA: What made you think that I’m his servant Miss. Roshni.

ROSHNI: You clothes dear.

RIDDHIMA: Did you ever heard that idiom “DON’T JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER”?? Vansh will you do the honour of telling her who I’m or curd has freeze inΒ  your mouth.
She said while glaring him and Vansh gulped due to fear. The great VR was fearing of his great wife RVR.
Vansh without wasting any time said.
VANSH: Roshni she is not my servant but She is love of my life my wife MRS. RIDDHIMA RAISINGHANIA.

ROSHNI: What are you kidding me Vansh, if yes then its worst joke . She and your wife.
( galat nerve par haath rakh diya didi tum to gayo ree..🀣🀣 )

Riddhima without saying anything went from there angrily. ( Tufaan se pehle ki shanti hai🀣🀣 )

RIANSH and ROSHNI started eating there lunch ( athithi davo bhav. )
But when roshni eat the first bite of white sauce pasta and pizza she started coughing very badly. To minimize her cough she drank the oreo shake but instead of sugar it has salt. ( Riddhima ROCKED Roshni shocked. )

RIDDHIMA ( To herself ): You did very wrong by keeping your eyes on my dear husband, now pay for it my husband’s good for nothing best friend.
Roshni without wasting any time went to her room because she knows that if she stops there she will be in very bad state.

Roshni was in her bathroom bathing and she used her towel and went to her room and was seeing herself in the mirror but she shouted suddenly. Vansh and Riddhima went there to see what happened. When they entered in her room they can’t stop their laugh because Roshni was on the floor and her face was covered with black colour which was on her towel. Riansh can’t help but were laughing very loudly

ROSHNI: Here my beautiful face has got destroyed and you both are laughing..
Listening to word BEAUTIFUL they again started laughing loudly.
VANSH: Go and wash your face roshni.

It was the time for dinner. They started having their dinner but this time in roshni’s food was very spicy she again started coughing.

RIDDHIMA: What happened dear??
ROSHNI: Nothing. Vansh I’m going back to my house.

VANSH: But why??
ROSHNI: Bas aese hi. But now I’m going ( dar gyi bechari )
And she without waiting for the reply went to her home.

It was the worth of making MRS RVR Jealous miss. khurana.


That’s all for today guys. Hope you liked the Os. Do tell me your POV about the Os. And there’s any suggestion for the os do tell me I will surely write on it.


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