Jealous Love – Ishqbaaz – Part 3

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Hi This is VHM back with Part-3 of my OS… there is one more part and that will complete my OS…thank you for bearing with me…sorry for the spelling and grammatical mistakes …
As many of readers have asked for English version i have included the same so without much delay lets swing into the track…..

Anika messages OmRu to implement the next step of their plan and make necessary arrangements…
Rudra goes to Shivaay and says:
Rudra: aapse mujhe kuch chahiye?
Shivaay: Bolo Rudra..tumhe mein kuch bhi de sakta hoon ..ek baar pooch ke tho dekho…
Rudra: Aapko sabse ye kehna hoga ki maine aapki sari shares le lii hain…
Shivay: Kya? Par kyun?

Rudra: kuch nahi bhai..woh mujhe Romi se bacchne keliye aise help chahiye..
Shivay: tumhare paas iss bakwaas idea ke alawa aur kuch nahi hain..
Rudra: bhai mein apne tareeke se kuch pehli baar kar raha hoon isliye please aap meri aisi hi kar do na please…
Shivaay : ok..
Rudra: jab tak mein na kahoon aap kisi se mat kehna ki maine aapko aise kehne ko kaha hain…
Shivaay : okkkk…
Rudra comes to Anika and Om and says done…
Anika says now the final touch to Tia from me and Om

Anika calls Tia to Oberoi Mansion for the finalization of d-day arrangements..Tia comes there…
Om greets Tia and says to Anika
Om: Anika kya mein Tia se kuch baat kar sakta hoon?
(Om: Anika, can I talk to Tia for a moment?)
Anika: haan..mujhse kyun pooch rahe ho..aapka ghar hain…
(Anika: yeah..why are you asking for a permission from me…this is your house…)
Om calls Tia and says

Om: Tia kya tumne Shivaay se baat nahi kii? Maine tumhe samjhaya than a ki Rudra Shivaay ka bhi shares lene wala tha..fir tumne Shivaay ko kyun nahi samjhaya? Ab dekho sab khatham ho gaya Rudra ko Shivaay ne apni shares bhi de diya..ab Shivaay ke paas kuch bacha nahi hain..Rudra poore Oberoi empire ka malik ban gaya hain aur Romi adha hissedaar..
(Om: Tia, Haven’t you had a talk with Shivaay? I have already explained you that Rudra is going to take the shares of Shivaay …why din’t you explain it to him then? Now see everything has ended, Shivay has willingly transferred all the shares to Rudra…now shivaay is left with nothing..Rudra is legally the owner of Oberoi empire now and Romi will be the co-owner)

Tia stands shell shocked and composes and says
Tia: what ? ye sab kab huan? Isska matlab hain ki shivay ko jo meri property add ho rahi thi ab who bhi rudra ka ho gaya?
(Tia: What? When did all this happen? This means my property that’s linked with Shivaay will also be under Rudra?)
Om: Haan Tia..isiliye maine tumhe samjhaya ki Shivaay se baat karo…
(Om: Yes Tia..that’s the reason why I asked you to explain Shivaay)
Tia: maine baat karne ki koshish kii lekin shivaay baby gussa ho gaya , fir bhi mein ek aur baar koshish karoongi…Shivaay ko uska hakh milna chahiye …Rudra aisa nahi kar sakta
(Tia: I have already tried to explain him, but Shivaay baby became angry. I will again make an effort to talk to him..Shivay should get his right ..Rudra can’t do this)
Om: Haan Tia…jaoo abhi bhi waqt hain iss se pehle rudra registration karle tum sambhal lo
(Om: Yes Tia, please talk to him as soon as possible before Rudra completes registration formalities, please balance the situation)
Tia leaves from there angrily and goes to Daksh’s room..
Daksh stares at her and says:

Daksh : Tum yaha kyoon aayi ho? Koi agar dekh liya tho tumhe andaza bhi nahi ki kya ho sakta hain?
(Daksh: why the hell are you here? If someone sees you in my room you cannot even imagine what will happen to both of us)
Tia: agar dekh bhi liya tho kya ho gaya..ab iss shaadi aur natak ka koi matlab nahi..
(Tia: we will see what happens, there is no meaning for this drama and marriage now)
Daksh: ye tum kya bol rahi ho?
(Daksh: what are you talking about?)

Tia: maine kaha than a ki Shivaay apni property Rudra ko de dega ab wahi huan..ab sare Oberoi empire ka malik Who Duffer Rudra hain..ab mein Shivaay se shaadi karke kya karoongi aur ulta meri property bhi ab Rudra ki hogi aur Romi uski hissedaar..mein ab tumhare hisaab se Rudra se shaadi bhi nahi kar sakti kyunki who Romi se jaldi shaadi bhi karlega…….hame kisi bhi tarah Rudra ko rokna hoga..registration karne gaya hain who…kuch karo Daksh abhi bhi waqt hain..sambhalo warna sare kiya dharaya par pani fer jayega..
(Tia: I have already said that shivaay will give away his property to Rudra the same happened…now that Duffer Rudra is the owner of oberoi empire..what is the need for me to marry Shivay ..and u know what my property is also under Rudra now and Romi is the per your plan I cannot even marry Rudra now because he will very soon get married to Romi…we have to do something to stop Rudra asap…he went for registration formalities…do something Daksh we still have time…handle the situation otherwise whatever we have done till now will be completely wasted…)
Daksh: Tia tumhe ye sab kisne bataya?
(Daksh: Tia ..who said you about all these?)
Tia: Om ne..kyun?

(Tia: om.. why?)
Daksh: Tia tum kyun nahi samjh payi ki ye sab Om jaanbhooz ke kar raha hain.. Om pehle se chahtha hain ki Anika Shivaay ki life partner bane aur tum uski baton mein aa gayi..
(Daksh: Tia why couldn’t you understand that Om has done all this deliberately…Om always wanted Anika to be Shivaay’s life partner and you have follishly come under his words)
Tia: Daksh , jaha tak mujhe pata hain …Om kabhi jhoot nahi boltha
(Tia: far as I know and understand…Om never lies)
Daksh: Theek hain , fir mein shivaay se sacchayi jaan ke aata hoon, tum oberoi mansion mein hi rehna
(Daksh: ok then, I will get the truth out of Shivaay’s mouth itself, you stay back in Oberoi mansion )

Tia: OK
Daksh goes to Shivaays room, Shivaay was sad sitting alone reminiscing his moments with Anika and tears were flowing down his cheeks, he wanted to cry aloud but composed himself..Daksh knocked Shivaays room door and entered, Shivay wiped his tears and asked him to sit.
Daksh: Shivaay, whats up buddy itne udaas kyun ho? Kal bachelor life khatham hogi isliye ya koi aur baat pareshaan kar rahi hain?
(Daksh: Shivaay, whats up buddy? Why do you look so sad? Because you will no more be a bachelor from tomorrow or there is something else?)
Shivaay: kuch nahi bas aise hi bhetha hoon
(Shivaay: nothing much, I was just sitting here )
Daksh: maine suna hain ki tum apni sari property Rudra ko de rahe ho?
(Daksh: I hjave heard that you have transferred all your property on Rudra’s name?)
Shivaay reminisces Rudra’s words and says
Shivaay: haa who Rudra ko chahiye tha isliye maine de diya…kyun koi problem hain kya?
(Shivaay: yeah..Rudra has asked me so I had to there any problem?)
Daksh was shocked and said
Daksh: kuch nahi koi koi problem nahi…mein bas sunna chahtha ki ye sach hain ki rumours . chalo miltha hoon tumse baad mein.
(Daksh: no ..nothing…I just wanted to know whether it’s the truth or it’s a rumour..i will catch you later…)
Shivaay: okay .. see you
Daksh goes to his room and bangs the chair and says to Tia:
Daksh: How can this be possible..shivaay ne sari plan chaupat kar diya..jis property keliye ham itne dino se mehnat kiye who sab flop ho gaya..ab iss halath mein , mein Anika se shaadi nahi karsaktha..kyunki ab who Shivaay ke paas rahe ya door mujhe kya fark padega…
(Daksh: How can this be possible? Shivaay has failed all my plans..the property for which we had put all our efforts had gone in vain…in these circumstances I will never marry Anika…whether she stays near Shivaay or not doesn’t matter any more)
Daksh packs his bag and was about to leave when Tia says
Tia: ab mein kya karoon Daksh?
(Tia: what should I do now?)
Daksh: tum shaadi karo aur kaise bhi karke apni property lekar wapas aa jaoo..mein tumhara wait karoonga…
(Daksh: you proceed as per our plan ..get married and try to get you property and come to me..i will wait for you..)
Daksh in the night leaves the room and says to himself…

Daksh POV: ab tumse bhi mujhe koi kaam nahi hain Tia…jab tumhare paas bhi kuch nahi bacha tho tum mere kis kaam ki..good bye
(Daksh POV: now I don’t have anything with you Tia..when you are pennyless what will I have to do with you..Good bye)
Anika and OmRu listens their conversation standing outside room and give a big smile and with Daksh’s last words they get shell shocked and silently slide away so that while leaving Daksh doesn’t see them

Om calls a person to follow Daksh and keep him updated about Daksh’s whereabouts.
Everyone disperses to their respective places and sleep happily keeping Tia and Shivaay worried.
Next morning Anika knowingly gets ready for marriage and Tia and Shivaay also get ready and come into mandap.
Everyone wait for Daksh..while Tia gets tensed Anika acts sad and tensed..Pandit asks shivaay and Tia to step in..
Shivaay: Anika , Daksh kaha hain?

(Shivaay: Anika, where is Daksh?)
Anika: Billu ji mujhe ye sawal aapse poochna chahiye tha? Daksh aapke ghar mein hi rehtha haina, fir who kaha hain?
(Anika: Billu ji I had to ask this question ? Daksh stays in your house, then where is he?)
Shivaay: what the wuck! Tumhara kya matlab hain?
(Shivaay: what the wuck! What do you mean?)
Anika: kya matlab hain matlab?
(Anika: what do you mean means?)
Om: maine kal Tia ko Daksh ke saath dekha tha Daksh ke kamre mein..mujhe laga who dono kuch baat kar rahe hain..isliye waha se chala gaya
(Om: Yesterday I have seen Tia in Daksh’s room, I thought they were discussing something I left from there)
Tia gets stunned by Om’s words, tries to compose herself and says
Tia: Om tum ye kya bol rahe ho? Mein kyun Daksh ke kamre mein jaoongi? Tumhe mein pehle se hi pasand nahi hoon isliye tum wantedly mujh par aise inzaam laga rahe ho…Waise bhi mujhe tumhe safayi dene ki jaroorrat nahi hain.
(Tia: Om, what are you saying about? Why will I go to Daksh’s room? You never liked me and that’s the reason you are accusing me…I don’t think I shoud give an explanation to you)
Shivaay: Tia, mind your language…Om kabhi jhoot nahi boltha…agar usne kaha timhe Daksh ke saath dekha hain tho mein yehi manoonga ki tum uske saath thi…
(Shivaay: Tia, mind your language…Om never lies..if he said he has seen you in Daksh’s room then I will believe what Om has said)
Tia gets angry on Shivaay and couldn’t control her anger and shouts
Tia: Shivaay, tum mujhse aise baat nahi kar sakte ? tumhari aukad kya hain? Kya hain tumhare paas? Naa property na paisa na kuch ..kuch hain tho sirf guroor…mein tumse aur tumhari harkathon se thang aa chuki hoon)
(Tia: Shivaay, don’t dare to talk to me like this…what do you have with you to talk to me like this? You have nothing no money, no just have arrogance…I have had enough of you)
Shivaay stands shocked also everyone else.. Anika couldn’t bear Tia insulting Shivaay like that and says
Anika: Tia, tum Billu ji se aise baat nahi kar sakti, who tumhare honewale pati hain, …
(Anika: Tia, you cannot talk to Billu ji like this, he is your would be husband…)
Tia gets much more furious and says
Tia: Just shut up Anika, tum beech mein naa bolo tho hi sahi rahega, pehle Shivaay ko trap kiya jiski shaadi honewali hain, fir Daksh ko, ye bhi nahi socha ki who shaadi shuda hain…tum..
(Tia: Just shut up Anika, its better you don’t speak in between, first you have trapped Shivaay who was engaged to me, then you trapped Daksh who is already married, you..)
And she stands tensed realsing what she just spoke about..

Shivaay turns towards Tia in surprise and anger and says:
Shivaay: what did you just say? Daksh ki shaadi ho chuko hain? Kisse? agar tumhe ya baat pata thi tho tumne ye pehle kyun nahi bataya? Anika kam se kam trauma nahi jhelthi..aur wait a minute tumhe kaise pata ki Daksh shaadi shuda hain..tum tho Daksh ko yehi oberoi mansion mein pehli baar mili thi na?
(Shivaay: what did you just say? Daksh is already married? With whom? If you had known about this earlier why din’t you reveal it? Anika could not have gone through all this trauma..and wait a minute how do you know about Daksh’s have met Daksh for the first time here in Oberoi mansion right?)
Rudy comes in between and says
Rudy: mein batata hoon bhayya…Daksh ki shaadi kisi aur se nahi Tia se huin hain..matlab Daksh aur Tia pehle se hi ek doosre ke life partners hain…
(Rudy: let me explain you bro…Daksh is married to none other than Tia.. I mean Tia and Daksh are already married know life partners…)
Shivaay: what? Rudy ye koi mazaak ka time nahi hain..

(Shivaay: what? Rudy this is not the time for fun..)
Om: Shivaay Mazak ham nahi kar rahe , Mazak tho iss Tia ne tumhara banaya hain..har baar Anika ne tumhe Tia ki asliyat dikhane ki kosish kii par tumhe Anika par bharosa nahi tha..ulta tumne use kya kuch nahi sunaya..fir bhi aaj Anika ne hi tumhe bachaya…
(Om: Shivaay we are not making fun, Tia has made fun of you…everytime Anika has warned you about Tia and tried to show her truth you got angry on her, you never trusted her, instead you scolded her, still Anika is the one who saved you today form all this mess)
Shivaay turns towards Tia and says:
Shivaay: Tia , whats the truth, mujhe tumhare mooh se sunna hain, hala ki mein apne bhaiyon ki baat maan chukka hoon par mein tumhe abhi bhi ek mauka dena chahtha hoon bolo..
(Shivaay: Tia, whats the truth, I want to listen it from you, not because I don’t trust my brothers but I want to give a chance to you)

And shouts Just say it Damn it…
Tia: shivaay baby, ye sab jhoot bol rahe hain..meri aur Daksh ke beech koi rishtha nahi hain, mein Daksh ko yehi Oberoi mansion mein mili thi..isse jyada mujhe aur kuch kehna nahi hain..
(Tia: Shivaay baby, these people are lying..i don’t have any realtion with Daksh, I have met Daksh here in oberoi mansion..oi don’t know anything more than this…)
Anika: bas Tia, bahut ho chukka tumhara natak ab tum khud bolo warna dikhane keliye hamare paas baut kuch hain aur chup ne keliye tumhare paas koi jagah nahi…
(Anika: Enough Tia, you have done enough of drama, it’s better you say the truth yourself else we have enough of proofs to prove your lies and then you will not have a place to hide )
Tia: tum kuch bhi bologi aur mein maan loongi, pehle bhi tumne mujhe badnaam karne ki koshish kii par ab nahi, ab mein tumhe…
(Tia: what do think, You will say anything and I will agree…you have before many times tried to malign me but not now, see what I do to you…)
She was about to complete the sentence when Rudy turned off the lights and Om started playing the audio clip Anika recorded during the Icecream Date followed by Video recording taken in massage parlour…
Everyone was standing in a shock and Shivaay stumbled and was about to fall when OmRu ran to him and held him…
Tia turned towards Shivaay and was about to say when Shivaay screamed at peak of his voice
Shivaay: Why? Just tell me why did you play this dirty game?
Tia: what else should I do..I hated you, I hated you to the core but, I wanted your property and bring you on road…I was married to Daksh and because of your business growth and deals with Saraswati group of companies, Daksh lost his entire marriage with Daksh was unknown to my family so I couldn’t ask them money. Later my parents said if I marry you I will be getting half of their property, so we made a plan that I will marry you and get my property also in few days, I will by law become half owner of your property…but Anika came in between to spoil our plan so Daksh made an entry to marry her and to separate her from you and later abandon her once property gets on my name. But now I don’t need you anymore you are already on road, your brother had taken all your property and you have nothing left, so I have nothing to do with you…good bye Shivay singh Oberoi..
Tia was about to leave when Anika holds her hand
Anika: not so early Tia, you have to listen one more truth
Anika: Shivay Singh Oberoi is still the highest stake holder of the property. Omkara, Rudra and I had made a plan to expose you with proofs and by making you accept your crimes. We were successful.You challenged me to prove myself innocent, I not only proved myself innocent but proved you both guilty.
Anika turns towards Om and says
Anika: where is the other one?
Om calls some person who brings Daksh to the place where everyone was there…
Anika again starts saying:

Anika: when I was sure that you both were couple I made a plan to put myself in danger to expose you.. I agreed to marry Daksh and compelled him to take me for date, I knew Billuji will definitely come along with Tia. I wanted Tia to be jealous of me to spill the truth. I excused going to washroom and recorded your conversation. To make Om and Rudra help me I had to make them believe, so I sent the audio file to them. They supported me in my plan. I knew you both were behind property so we made rudra make a deal with Tej uncle to secure Rudras future. Tej uncle signed papers but they were fake, had Billuji seen those papers he would have understood in a minute they were fake. Then Om instigated you about the same. But let me tell you Om never crossed his principles of telling lies..he said truth ..

the truth of our plan…From the audio clip we got to know you were going to meet Daksh in the massage parlour so Rudra who was hiding behing the table in Om’s room fitted the camera in your purse. You remember the parlour lady Kiara, she was appointed by us, she set the purse in such a position that entire room was seen. She poured water on you deliberately and got an opportiunity to take out the camera, we had enough proofs. We could have shown the proofs to Billu ji ..but we wanted you to accept your crimes..hence we have waited till now…The final stroke was rudy convincing Shivaay to say shivaay has transferred his property on Rudy’s name which was never done. Shivaay kept his promise and confided the same to Daksh. You both were trapped from the beginning. I knew Daksh was keeping an eye on me and had installed a camera in my home when he came to meet me for the first time. I got to know when I went to meet Daksh in his room I saw his laptop which he forgot to close, I could see my house in his laptop.
Anika turns towards Tia once again and says
Anika: what we didn’t expect was Daksh was leaving you forever because you had no property with you …Thanks to Om who sent one of his men to follow Daksh and keep us updated about his whereabouts…

Tia gets shocked and turns towards Daksh and says
Tia: kya Anika sach bol rahi hain Daksh? Tum mujhe bhi chod kar jaanewale the? Tum aisa kaise soch sakte ho? Maine tumhare liye kya kuch nahi kiya? Kitna khatra uthaya? Par tum aise karne ki soche bhi kaise?
(Tia: Is Anika saying the truth Daksh? You were going to leave me forever? How can you even think of that? What not have I done for you? How much dangerous risk had I taken for you? And how could you even think of leaving me?)
Tia slaps Daksh hard and cries
Anika then says:

Anika: This was all my plan to expose you and save Billu ji from getting trapped. You thought Shivaay has only Anika to save him but you forgot that His brothers are his basic pillars… you kept an eye on me but you forgot about Om and Rudy.. this is brotherhood , this is friendship, this is loyality which you both never had.
She turns towards Shivaay and tears start flowing from her eyes seeing his condition and with a shaky voice says
Anika: Billu ji, mein giri huin ladki nahi hoon, mujhe apni attitude, selfrespect aur sachayi bahut pyaari hain, par mere paas aur koi rastha nahi tha aapko bachane ka isliye mujhe ye sab karna pada.. ab mera yaha koi kaam nahi hain..mein hamesha keliye yaha se jaa rahi hoon..apna kahayal rakhiye ga aap aur ho sake tho…
(Anika: Billu ji, I am not a gal to fall low, I still love my attitude, self respect and honesty..but this time I had no other option but to do these drama…now I have no more work here..i am leaving from here forever..please take care of yourself and if possible…)

She couldn’t complete her sentence..Inspector who was dressed in civilian clothes came to Tia and Daksh and arrested them on fraud charges.
Anika turns towards Om and Rudy and says:
Anika: tum dono ke bina shayad ye sab mein kabhi kar nahi pati..tum dono ko kitna bhi thankyou kahoon kam hi hain..fir bhi Thank you…
(Anika: all this wouldn’t have happened without you both…how many ever times I say thank you will be less but still Thank you so much…)
She hugs Dadi , Pinky, Jhanvi , sumo, prinku and greets Tej, Shakthi and leaves
Shivaay sees her going he became lifeless …

How will Shivika Unite..the marriage, consummation and ending in next part which is the final part of this OS…

Please pour in your comments , I will reply as soon as possible…. Thank you in advance

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