Jasmine-Amrik love track – UDAARIYAN part 3

Hello guys welcome back to yet another article written by me Harshini . Thanks for the response  for previous article. So without any delay let’s start our episode.

Jasso and Amrik go to their room . Amrik makes Jasso sit on bed and he says you fresh up I will wait outside. While Amrik goes out Jasmine catches his hand and asks him to stop.

He turns around and calls bhabhi both miss eye contact in embarrassment . He turns around and keep an upset expression. He decides to leave the room rather than embarrassing  Jasmine.

Jasmine again asks him to stop and says Amrik now the relationship between us is changed we are no more just friends or whatever because of your brother but we are now best friends, you are my husband and I am your wife. I know this is not easy for us but still this is the truth and willingly or unwillingly we have to accept it as our fate. Today you are standing against your own family because of me, I’m sorry Amrik forgive me if you can.

Amrik shed few tears and say forgive… huh Jasmine  it’s you who have to forgive us . My brother did a huge injustice to you by turning down your love but don’t worry  from now on no one will dare to hurt my wife. Just now my tongue slipped because of our past but now I promise to never do that again.

Jasmine stumbles again while walking. Amrik says looks like we have to treat the wound, you come and sit on this chair I’ll go and get first-aid box.

Amrik asks Jasso to keep her foot on his leg to aid the wound. She refuses then Amrik  keep Jasso foot on his led himself. Jasmine says but Amrik… Amrik quickly cuts aoo her and says it’s ok.

Jasmine asks won’t you ask what happened in the room ?He smiles and says whatever happened I don’t care about it what I only care about is my mother accepted you.

She smiles and the scene in room flashes…….

Gurpreet shouts,

Jasmine: Mother-in-law don’t worry it’s me Jasso.                Gurpreet: Stop calling me mother-in-law.                               Jasmine: Ok if you don’t want me to call you like that I’ll                       not call you but at least listen to me.                       Gurpreet: what will you say? don’t dare to mess with me!   Jasmine: Fine, I’m here with a purpose. Fateh was supposed to marry me but due to some reasons it got cancelled and he had to marry  cunning Tejo . I’m sure you also don’t like her . She is the one who ruined my life and your son’s life and I’m here to take revenge on her. I know that you also want to do the same. So lets do it together.

[Gurpreet smirks at Jasmine]                                                      I understand what you are thinking  I know you  are angry with me for ruining your family reputation and I’m regretting it. Please forgive me mother[she falls on Gurpreet’s feet] I know whatever happened cannot be  changed but what happens in future depends on us.forgive me mom.

Gurpreet thinks for a while and says fine I’ll forgive you but not Tejo she will rot in hell good that you became partner. Both smile and come out.                                                [room scene ends]

Jasmine smiles and says thanks Amrik and he smiles…………

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  1. Why revenge?


      because Jasmine thought that Tejo is the only reason for fateh not accepting her. Gurpreet because fateh many times went against his mother and defended Tejo so as family

  2. loving this totallyyyy !!!!! `1000000 times better than the original show. Loving JasRik more than FatEjo. Plzz upload next part soon

  3. when will the nxt part be uploaded ?

  4. Plzz upload next part

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