Jasmin Bhasin gets called out by Panel; Kavita gets schooled Good!!

Bigg Boss 14’s Weekend Ka Vaar has arrived and now we will see some serious fire works happening in the house. This past week the highlight of the show was Rubina Dilaik  and Jasmin Bhasin’s fight. There will be guests appearing on the show tonight. Actresses Kamya Panjabi and Devoleena Bhattacharjee will join Salman Khan on the stage along with Kavita Kaushik’s husband Ronnit Biswas and producer Sandiip Sikcand.

In a recent promo released by the channel, Kamya, who also shares a close bond with Rubina Dilaik being her former co-star and Devoleena can be seen questioning about her ‘mean behaviour’ on the show. Watch video:

In the video, Kamya asks Jasmin why she was behaving differently when Aly was not there and now that he has arrived, she has completely changed.er since her close friend Aly Goni has walked in. She questions her which is her real self and Jasmin says both are her real side. Devoleena lashes out at Jasmin and says nobody can trust Jasmin as she can backstab people any moment. Producer Sandiip Sikcand asks housemates what they think about Kavita Kaushik. He says that she is playing Inspector Chautala in the house too and is moking others for their work. Does housemates target her or she targets them. He also advises good friend Eijaz Khan to not fall in love as Pavitra Punia looks shocked.

The episode will also see Jasmin and Rubina getting into a war of words with each other in front of host Salman Khan. They call each other names where Jasmin even tells Rubina to not teach her how to conduct herself on the show. Rubina lashes out at Jasmin and asks her to maintain the decency in their friendship.

Salman Khan also gave a shocker to the contestants and announced that the finale will be held next week, instead of January and only four contestants will go forward in the game.

  1. 218/5000
    I am very unlucky
    Because there are always people in the show that I hate
    Those who want to look good, sweet and beautiful bother me a lot
    Despicable Jasmine this season
    God …………….. she will be fired

  2. Jasmine is a fake person and don’t trust

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