janam janam ka sath hai hamara tumara (raglak) part 8

Laksh saw Ragini’s angry face and he was just imagining how she will react. Even the kids got to know that today Laksh is going to face the worst of Ragini.

Iqu iqrakhan222 murmured ” Let’s go from here Ragu di is very furious today what if she will start scolding us”

Purvi replied “Yes Lucky Bhai is going to get punishment today, I am 110 % sure on this,We supported him in his stupidity we will also get punished. Iqu run!!”

Ragini was glaring Laksh angrily.
Laksh was standing there bending his head.

Just then he heard the sound of opening the door of the room and he raised his head to know who opened the door, Ragu also looked in that direction and found those kids there.

Those kids were trying to escape from there silently but got caught.
Ragu:- Where you all r going??

Purvi:- Di we are just thinking that we should go now.
Laksh immediately said ” yes yes you will go now na.. as you already got your chocolates. Now you all got what you want so why you will support me”

Those kids gave him a smile like (eee ?)
Ragini:- ohhh so Laksh you tempted children by chocolates just tt
Lak:- so what’s wrong in this
Rag:- No nothing you never do anything wrong. Whatever you do become a favour on us poor fellows.

Lak:- Ragini please na forgive me please
Rag:- Soooooo soon???? Ummm..nooo Laksh you have do something for me.
Lak:- What???
Rag:- For two days I will be Aladdin and you will be my genie, you have to do whatever I say and if you are thinking to refuse then I am also thinking the same, I will refuse to forgive you.
Lak:- okk okkk I will do whatever you want.

Purvi and Iqu looked each other and said:- Can we go now Ragu di?

Rag:- noooo!! You all can’t go.
Iqu:- But why??
Ragu:- We are going to Laksh’s home
Purvi:- why?? To complain against Lucky Bhai??
Ragu:- To eat mangoes. First we will eat mangoes from there and then we will go to buy my new Doberman, in night we will go to watch a movie and tomorrow is something I will tell you all afterwards about tomorrow.

All kids:- yayyyyyy!!!!!

So all sat in car and went to
Laksh stopped the car in front of his uncle’s garden, he was about to go inside but Ragini immediately came in front of him and blocked his way
Lak: Why you blocked my way??

Rag:- Because you are going in wrong garden.
Lak:- no it’s only the garden of my uncle.
Rag:- But you have to steal mangoes from that garden. (Ragu said pointing towards the adjacent garden)
Lak:- noo I will not steal from others garden.
Ragu:- okk then sorry but I can’t accept your sorry. Bye
She turned to go and took some steps forward , Lucky thought something and said ” Ok ok I will steal but you have to wait for me at the gate of the garden.”

Ragu: Ok
And then Lucky jumped off the wall and went inside the garden for stealing mangoes.
He was plucking mangoes and filling them in a bag at that time Ragu started knocking the Gates of the garden loudly.

Kids:- Di what are you doing?? The gardener will came to know that Bhai is inside don’t make noise.
Ragu:- Shhhh!! It will be fun you all just wait and see.

Ragini started screaming:- Kaka!!! Kaka!! A boy came in your garden by jumping off the wall, Kaka!!!
Laksh heard Ragini’s voice when je was stealing and he got 440 volt shock by Ragu’s this deed.

Then a man of around 50 years came out with a thick stick and said to Ragini:- Where is that mango Thief? My mangoes are reducing day by day as someone stole them, I will not leave that devil Mango Thief today!!! Thanks beta let me check in my garden and you too come.
They went inside and Laksh was about to run seeing them but unfortunately that old man caught him and beat him with stick.
Lak:- Ahhh uncle leave me!! Please.
Man:- What?? Leave you?? You naughty boy! You steal my mangoes daily and you are accepting me to leave you!!
He again beat his leg with stick.

Lak:- Ahhh uncle this girl she asked me to steal mangoes.
Man:- Shut up !!! This sweet angel like girl told me that you steal my mangoes and you are blaming her.
Again he hit him on this leg.

Laksh somehow managed to escape and ran from there jumping the wall in metro speed.
Man(putting his hand on Ragu’s head):- god bless you beta you take these mangoes as gift.

After sometime on Ragu’s car Ragu and kids were eating mangoes and that time Lucky arrived there he was looking very dull and his legs were trembling.
Lak:- Ra-Ragini!
Ragu:- Laksh Am sorry hahahaha sorry..!!
Lak:- What you did??? Here you are eating mangoes , You didn’t did right.
Ragu:- Everything is fair in love and war you said na you love me so handle me, I am like this only. You have to manage my tortures if you love me. Get ready now we are going to buy my new Doberman.
Lak(shocked) :- Do-Doberman!!! Now what you are going to do.

So sorry for this rubbish part ?? I have no idea what to write and I was very busy with my studies so just able to write this much.
I hope the next part will not be this much bad.

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