Is Jamai Raja a good replacement for Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se?

Jamai Raja is all set to enter hearts this Monday, 4th August 2014 on Zee TV. The story is of the character Siddharth, who is a successful hotelier and how he brings the poles apart mum and daughter closer and make them stitched in a strong relation of love. Siddharth has a very loving family and he is brought up with his parent’s love, care and worry. He has a happy family and is proud to be his parents’ son. His character will be loved by all as it has wit, charm, smartness and earthiness in it. The story will deal with the efforts of a son in law as he deals with all problems faced by his wife and mum in law, and try to be a good Jamai Raja. The show stars Ravi Dubey and Nia Sharma in lead roles (As Siddharth and Roshni), and Achint Kaur as Durga Devi.

There are many people in this world and everyone has a different set of values and opinions. Siddharth and his parents stay with much love. Siddharth values his dad’s dreams a lot and heads a project. His dad is very happy as Siddharth is not breaking his trust. Roshni and her mum Durga Devi are completely opposite. Her mum keeps giving her money, instead of her time. She asks her to buy things and give her a best life, but Roshni does not care about money. Roshni runs an NGO and looks after the welfare of needy people. Durga Devu fought with poverty and her tough life when she brought up Roshni and wants to make her understand what it takes to earn and the importance of money in life. Durga Devi’s character is common of any working single mum, who does a lot for her child, but can’t give time, which becomes a necessity and craving for the child.

Durga Devi meets Siddharth in a flight and does not like him. Roshni bumps into Siddharth and soon their unintentional meetings bring them closer and they become friends. Durga Devi does not give any love and time to Roshni, which she always craved for. Durga Devi had struggled so much to earn a respectable place in the high society and wants Roshni to lead a honored life. Siddharth comes to know about the differences between them and decides to sort them out. He gets married to Roshni by many tough circumstances and enters the life of Durga Devi to make her come closer to her daughter. Will this son in law get his wife’s happiness by making her get her mum’s love?

  1. I cant wait for this show, i have a feeling i will love this

  2. iam just eagarly wait to c ravi and nia in jamaai raja.iam sure it will really rock the show.

  3. Can’t Wait For This Show Don’t Want To Be Negative But Hope This show won’t disappointment!

  4. I m loving the promos of this show n i m sure i will love this show!:-)

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