Jamai Raja 9th January 2015 Written Episode Update

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The episode starts with Krutika getting mehandi on her hands and Simran shopping saris for her marriage. Raj comes there and says Simran that he is not against Krutika’s wedding, but her way is wrong. Krutika shouts on mehandi designers and asks them to get out. She yells at Raj and wipes her mehandi. Simran asks her to go in and says Raj that he is forcing her to choose between son and daughter; as a mother, she will not let him ruin her daughter’s life. Raj thinks who is this man because of him, Simran and Krutika is going against him.

Rajveer gives property agent brokerage money and warns him to get him a flat for 1 month in 1 hour, else he will forcefully take back brokerage money from his locker.

Rajveer’s uncle and aunt accept Sid’s request to come to Mumbai and meet DD’s parents. Raj calls him and says he wants to talk to him something important. Simran takes phone from him and asks Sid to come home in the evening.. Sid says he cannot assure her. She says it is very important and cuts call. Raj says Simran that she does not like to fight with her, so he will accept Krutika’s marriage and make it a lavish affair. Simran gets happy.

Sid comes to his home and asks Simran why did she call him. She says she has fixed Krutika’s marriage. He asks who is the groom. Krutika says whom he fought the other day. Simran asks him to accompany her to the engagement. Servant informs Sid that his Pune guests are going back. Sid says Simran that he will have to go now. Simran says she does not need him. He asks her to calm down and leaves. Krutika badmouths that Sid does does not consider her as his sister as she is his step-sister and he just cares about his wife and in-laws. Simran asks her to calm down.

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Sid stops Rajveer’s uncle and aunt to not leave and help them. They say they cannot. He requests that his family will be in danger if they don’t help. They agree, and Sid takes them to DD’s house. He call everyone and tells that they were enquiring about Rajveer. Rajveer comes out, says them that he was missing them and introduces them to Sam. Uncle says he is proud of his nephew and is like his son. Sid is shocked to hear his changed statement and reminisces uncle and aunty telling that Rajveer is a criminal and had robbed even them. Sid says he knows he is a criminal and wants to protect his family from him, so he wants their help. Uncle shows FIR and detention report. Sid says he wanted that proof and asks them to accompany him to Mumbai. They agree and walk with him.

Rajveer asks uncle if he got the money he sent. Uncle says yes and says he is happy to have a son like him. Sid asks what is he telling. Raj asks if he wanted them to tell something else. Sid says remand him and arrest. Raj starts acting and says he had been to remand home and since his parents died, uncle and aunty are taking care of him. He saw goons troubling his uncle and aunty, fought with them and went to jail. Uncle and Aunty act that their own son would not have done this and they are proud of him. They say they will leave now and asks Rajveer if he will come to their house. Rajveer says it is his house and he will come for sure. Sid thinks Rajveer escaped this time, but he will not spare him.

Precap: Sid tries to stop Mona from leaving DD’s house. Mona asks him to apologize Rajveer. DD also says the same.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Rajveer truth should be comes out.

  2. This show is getting boring and stupid

  3. this soap is going nowhere as far as I see nothing can be solved every time something progress something comes and blocks it the bad ones always gets away with their evil doings as far as I see this soap is a pack of tat too too shit

  4. Stupid episode called trash

    1. Candacey Rose

      I am 100% sure that Rajveer is the boy Krutika is pregnant for

  5. Wth dis serial is going no where slowly

  6. Real thing! This soap is going stupid.

  7. Seems like that Rajveer is going to marry Krutika.

  8. superb!!!!!!!!!

  9. bakwas story line…it started some where and its gng else where…chii

  10. lol these conflicts in the story only make it more interesting …….love sid

  11. ijust started hating this soap…

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