Jamai Raja 8th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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The episode starts with Sid and Roshini sitting at the Police station. Roshini is annoyed. Sid thinks she will get angry if he says something. Roshini thinks how can he be so careless. Sid thinks she is annoyed as if I did everything. Roshini asks did you say anything. Constable comes and asks to say their names. Sid says she is his wife. We came for honeymoon and newly married. Sid tells him that his wallet was lost at the dhaba. Constable says, you did a mistake and supports Roshini. He asks him to get money from his parents. Roshini says no. Kesar tells DD that Roshini is in police station and says he will get them freed. DD thinks for a while and asks him not to free them. She asks him to get Roshini released if anything happens. DD thinks she can’t sleep all the night as Roshini is in Police station.

Constable brings a man and tells that he had stolen a wallet. Sid recollects seeing him in the bus and identifies him. He says, he had stolen my wallet. Constable checks the wallet and gives it to Sid. Sid calls the thief shameless. Sid thanks the constable and pays him money for dhaba. Roshini asks, where we will go now. She says we will go back to Mumbai as can’t take any more risks. Constable asks them to stay at his house. Sid is hesitant. Constable says, you people seems nice and takes them.

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Sid and Roshini are in the constable’s house. Sid tells Roshini that constable is a nice guy. Roshini sleeps while Sid keeps on talking. He touches his ears and apologizes. He comes to her and makes her sleep properly. He kisses on her forehead and apologizes to her. He tells her to give him a chance to tell his reality and promises to keep her happy. He says I love you so much. It starts raining and water falls on Roshini from the hole. Kesar says, I made the hole to disturb them and laughs. Roshini gets up and gets excited seeing the rain. She comes out and enjoys the rain happily. Sid looks at her.

Sid and Roshini get romantic while the song plays…………………Roshini enjoys the rain. Sid pulls her closer to him. They have an eye lock. Mohabbat Barsadena Tu plays…………………..Roshini tries to move away but Sid holds her dupatta. Roshini gets shy. Sid moves her dupatta and touches her hairs romantically. They kiss each other intensely.

Kesar comes home. DD tells Resham that Kesar is tired and asks her to arrange warm water for him. Kesar tells DD that he ruined their honeymoon. DD says I am impressed. Roshini comes home. DD asks, did you come alone. Roshini nods no. Kesar is shocked to see Sid coming with her. Sid says, hello to everyone. Mona asks about their darshan. Roshini starts sneezing and it was fun. They have really enjoyed their first trip. Sid smiles looking at DD. Kesar gets tensed. DD fumes and goes inside. Bablu asks them to freshen up.

Kesar goes to DD and tells her that he saw them in Police station. DD tries to slap Kesar but Sid holds her hand. Sid tells her that it is not good to raise hand on her brother in law. He says, you trusts Kesar Chacha. He did everything according to your sayings. He salutes Kesar’s dedication and hardwork. He gives his wallet and says it was outside the constable’s house. He apologizes to Kesar on DD’s behalf. Kesar leaves. Sid turns to DD and tells her why you gets so much angry. Your heart is getting weakened day by day. Why you are risking your life. DD asks him to come to point. Sid tells her that God is with people in love. He says everything is fine between them. You will curse and taunt me. This doesn’t suit you. He asks her to hit him from the front. He challenges her to stop herself from becoming his children’s grand mother. DD accepts the challenge.

Some girl comes to DD’s cabin. DD asks Sid to throw her out. Sid says that she is fit for this job. DD thinks why Sid is favouring her.

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