Jamai Raja 7th January 2015 Written Episode Update

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The episode starts with Sid asking Raj and Simran why did not they tell him that Krutika is his sister. Raj says they were waiting for a right time. Sid says he came here many times, what appropriate time they were waiting for and asks Simran why did she hide that she had a daughter before marrying dad. Simran says situations did not permit her and says his sister is going to jail because of DD. Sid says he and Roshni complained. Simran pleads him not to send his sister to jail. He agrees and says he has a condition though.

Roshni tensely walks around in home. DD asks her to calm down as Sid is handling the case. Sid comes with Krutika. Roshni and DD are shocked to see her. DD asks what is she doing here and Roshni asks she made accident. Sid says he wants to talk something. Roshni says she knows he wants to talk about her. DD asks why did he bring here. Sid says she made a big mistake and he should have taken her to police station, but she is repenting for her mistake and should be spared. Roshni asks why is he taking Krutika’s side who tried to kill her and Phatka and asks who is she and says she will take her to police station. DD says Roshni that Sid is telling right and says a few days ago, she also would not have spared her, but now she has changed. She says if they sent her to jail, her life will be ruined and they should give her a chance, asks Sid if she is right and says she is ready to forgive her. Krutika apologizes Roshni and DD. Sid asks her to bend her hands and apologize. Krutika hesistantly apologizes. DD asks her not to repeat it again and asks her to give her parent’s number as she wants to talk to them, it is their mistake that she is spoilt. Sid says when she has apologized, there is no need to involve her parents. DD says she should go and apologize Phatka and work in community services for 1 month. Sid says it is fine and asks Krutika to say yes. She nods yes but gets angry. DD says if she repeats her mistake, she herself will slap her and then hand her over to police and asks her to leave now. Sid walks out with Krutika.

Rajveer’s lawyer prepares divorce papers and asks when he wanted to grab money from his wife’s family, then why is he divorcing her. Rajveer asks him to just do his work.

Sid sadly tells Raj that because of Krutika, he had to lie again and says he escaped today because of DD, else Roshni was adamant to send Krutika to jail. Raj apologizes him for getting into trouble because of him. Sid says he does not have to and says he knows Krutika had to bear a lot in her childhood, but he has to stop her now from going into wrong path, else she may end up getting into big trouble. Once Sid leaves, Raj thanks god for giving him a son like Sid who knows to carry relationships well.

Sid meets his associate and asks if he found any info about Rajveer. Associate says yes and says he could not get any much info, but found that Rajveer was in juvenile jail, and if he wants, he will gather information from there. Sid says he himself will find out as he does not want Rajveer to harm his family again. He reaches jail and asks jailer to give him info about Rajveer, but jailer adamantly says he cannot. Sid says if Rajveer harms his family, will he take responsibility. A peon signals Sid to meet him.

Rajveer shows property papers to Sam and she gets happy. He says now they will move to their small home, says everyone here looks at him suspiciously. Sam signs papers without reading it. Rajveer smirks thinking he is ruining her life instead.

Precap: Sid meets Rajveer’s parents and says he wants to know about him. They shut door on him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Sid you are really a level headed guy i really admire your character…if my parents should have reveal told me that i have a older sibling i would be so angry because i hate lies but you are taking quite well, kritika is from simran first marriage before she marry sid dad but it was a bad marriage it seems and he ran away with kritika when she was small…i really like the change in DD

  2. Someone explAim How simran is krukruta mom????? And raj isn’t the father pls?

  3. Nice episode really intinteresting

  4. it is about time that rajveer is caught and he and ugly face samaria get out of dds house I hope rajveer is caught for the murder he committed and thrown in jail and samaria get some sense in her head and go back to London before it is toooooooooo late

  5. Wow sid is very intelligent character . He takes every steps carefully.plz keep him that intelligent as now, till the show runs.other big thing for the first time in sas bahu daily soap a male character has been shown intellectually strong. Very happy to see this

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