Jamai Raja 5th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Jamai Raja 5th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Roshni and DD’s talk. Kesar comes and says they shall not worry because of DD. He calls her bhabhi and says people should know that his bhabhi is back again. He asks for her blessings and lie down on her feet. Roshni says it is enough. We are happy that you are back. Kesar says he read in the paper and thought to come back. Roshni asks about Resham. He makes an excuse. Roshni says she knows everything and takes him from there. DD thinks Roshni is looking happy and worries for Sid’s decision. Simran snatches Sid’s phone and starts scolding thinking Roshni is on the other side. She hears man’s voice. Sid cuts the call and says you wants me not to talk to Roshni, so I will not talk to her. Please don’t spy on me. Simran says it is her duty to safe him from trouble. Sid says come on. I betrayed Roshni and her mum for you. He says if you have really cared for me, then you would not have asked me to divorce Roshni. Simran says she will do everything for his betterment. Biji falls down. Sid makes her lie down on the bed. Simran asks Sid to call the doctor. Biji cries and asks Sid to call the doctor. The doctor comes and says there is no fracture. He asks her to get complete bed rest. Biji says she has fracture on her leg and does over acting.

Simran says we all are with you. Biji says she needs a caretaker to care for her 24 hours and asks Simran to shift in her room. Simran agrees. Biji asks if Simran takes care of me then who will take care of house. Simran says servants are there for household help. Biji asks Kritika to take care of herself. She says she is feeling weak. Simran says she will make khichdi for her. Once she goes, Sid tells that nothing has happened to you. He tells that he is busy today and leaves. Pandit ji tells DD that she will meet her past today. DD says she got her company and brand. Panditji starts doing the puja.

DD does the puja and puts swastik to inaugurate her brand. She sees her husband’s reflection and turns back. She sees Kesar instead. Simran is taking care of Biji. Kritika says I think we can’t take good care of you. Biji says I have a feeling that you doesn’t want to take care of me. Simran says they are lucky to care for her. Biji says she needs a caretaker and says she has a condition. She says she will finalized the candidate. Biji asks her to call the candidates today. She acts again as being ill. DD sits on the chair. Kesar says they want the clients now. Roshni asks her to throw a party to get all the clients. DD says she is sounding like her daughter now. She asks Roshni to join her business. Just then Roshni gets a call and says she will come. She tells DD that she wants to stand on her own feet and goes to give interview. DD tells that Roshni wants to make her own identity. Kesar says yes. DD says lets start the work.

Kritika tells Simran that Biji is acting and making them work. She rejected many girls till now. Simran says let her choose the candidate. Sid comes. Biji says she searched the girl for her care. She asks Sid to meet the girl. Sid introduces himself. Roshni turns and sees him. Sid is shocked to see her. Simran and Kritika are shocked too.

DD does an accident of someone. Sid checks the pulse and signs DD that he is dead. DD gets shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Simran is an evil mother. She is watching her son and his father (Raj) relationship dropping to shreds, with Raj having anger upon Sid with each interaction between them. She is not even feeling guilty over this!!!! How could you watch you son get punished by his father/your husband with no reaction. This is getting too annoying to continue watching consistently. Simran is throwing me out of watching this show.

  2. This is interesting… I wonder what the actual agreement was. If it was just to divorce Roshni, then Sid has fulfilled the agreement. I wonder if Simran specified that he could not go back to Roshni…? And I love biji’s shenanigans… so funny! I wonder how a mom can trust a child she had no hand in raising and turn her back on one she raised herself…. If you think about it, this is an insult to Simran’s upbringing… she just doesn’t realize it.

  3. dragging, same story repeating….

  4. this serial is total shit now not interested in it anymore because writers you are always making the evil ones win rajveer now its kritika pulling the strings and making her mother dance to he tunes why is it that you cannot write more interesting scripts like giving them enough rope to hang themselves and please let simran see kritika for who she really is and write a script letting raj leave the house and leave simran until she admints what she made sid do to please she and kritika and all because of the death of that wicked murdering crooked rajveer I am sooooooooo fed up now with these writers only believing in evil and displaying that it is best to do it and you will be a winner wrong portrayals of these scripts

    1. my dear gloria keiller…
      respecting ur comments……
      if writers do what u told….how should the serial run…
      wait and see ..infront there may be crocodiles festival lol….

  5. Simran what crap u talking that u will safe sid from trouble when u already create plenty problems for him don’t know why sid is puting up with her antics sid is a grow man he don’t need any1 to spy on him so simran u go can go to hell n take your badmind daughter with u too

  6. Simi you are a bad mom and your vamp daughter is worst but I like biji hope rosh and sid reuite soon


    1. Totally agree!!!

  8. Marie Taylor

    Rubbish. This show getting out of hand. I hope those two witch fall off a mountain soon and go to hell. So Roshni and Sid can be happy married.Raj should divorce that evil whore simran

  9. Marie Taylor

    This show getting boring now.

  10. Ofcourse the show is loosing its weight n charm.
    either raj should divorce dat evil simran or that evil simran should be anyway dead in that serial

  11. simran is just so selfish and easily controlled by kritika. She was taking care of sid since he was born.Kritika just came after she was grown up. Both of you will pay for ur deeds.

  12. Biji is funny. Only interesting thing in today’s show,

  13. – Reply this is all bull shit, either make tat krithika dead in d serial, so tat simran Cn get close to sid n understand his feelings for roshni, such tat even they reunite 1ce again .. Wat say ???????

  14. This is such crap .-. They are just dragging the story like a friggin chewing gum!!!!

  15. Yes I totally agree to all the above , this show is totally crap, is it tat Sid does not want to ROMANCE Roshiness because he is a married man in real life so ther4 they ar making all these stupid problems in their relationship??? Therfore they shud not get married men to play the Hero !!!!!!!!! Just saying!!!!!! Ther is just NO chemistry between Roshinee an Sid !!!!!! Just my opinion!!!!!

  16. ★kanisha★

    no guys … now the serial is going in write direction … just loved the precap really….. and obviously Sidni will unite soon ….. bcoz biji is there for them… so just chill and go with a flow…

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