Jamai Raja 5th January 2015 Written Episode Update

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The episode starts with DD booking beach party for new year and says Naani it is her gift for Sid. Naani says Sid will be happy and his sacrifice of staying as ghar jamai will be accomplished, it is a blessing from his saas to him. DD asks Pratima to give her list of guests. Pratima gives. DD asks her to include Sid’s parents as they are Roshni’s saas sasur. Naani says she is happy seeing her changed. DD asks her not to praise her more, else someone will ruin their happiness.

Mona hears about DD’s party plan and scolds her that she is least bothered about her and her beti/damad and says she is just worried about Roshni and not Sam. DD says she thinks both Roshni and Sam as same. Mona says she is not and says Rajveer helped her a lot, even then she is thinking ab out Sid and not him. DD says it is not like that. Mona angrily walks out. Naani says whenever something good is about to happen, some hurdles develop.

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Sid sees off his parents from hotel and wishes them happy new year. Krutika sees Sid happy with Roshni and thinks she will snatch his happiness. She speeds her car towards Roshni, but NGO kid sees that and rescues her and instead meets with an accident. Sid is shocked to see Roshni and NGO kid on road bleeding.

Raj and Simran reach home and think of wishing Krutika happy new year. Maid says Krutika is not at home. Simran says Raj that Krutika must have gone to meet her boyfriend. Krutika comes home just then and worriedly enters room and locks it.

Sid and Roshni bring NGO kid to hospital. Doc checks kid and asks them to inform police as it is a legal case, asks Roshni to nurse her head injury. Roshni asks him to save kid first. DD calls Roshni thinking of wishing her happy new year. Roshni picks call and says she is in City Hospital and falls unconscious on ground due to her head injury. Sid runs to rescue her and calls her name. DD gets worried and rushes to the hospital.

Doctor nurses Roshni’s wounds and she wakes up. Sid asks her if she is fine. She asks him to take care of kid/Phatka instead. He says she is injured and not to worry. DD reaches there with family and gets worried about her. Roshni says she is fine. DD calls her neurologist and tells him about Roshni’s condition. Roshni wakes up and says she wants to see Phatka first. DD asks her to stay on bed. Roshni says like she is worried her as a mother, she is worried about NGO kids and walks towards OT. Doc operates on Phatka.

ACP asks Roshni if she saw the culprit. She says she saw her face and she seemed like a spoilt rich girl who was drunk, says car’s last numbers. DD says she wants that girl to be punished and even her parents.

Krutika gets nervous thinking how can she try to kill Roshni during inebriation. Simran comes and asks what happened. Krutika says they met after so many years and again will be separated. Simran asks what happened. She takes Roshni’s name, but then thinks if she tells about Roshni, Simran will not help her. She says a kid came in between her car and met with an accident by mistake. Simran says they should inform police about it. Krutika hugs her and says she does not want to separate from her. Simran says nobody will separate us. Door bells rings.

Precap: No precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. So wow! The roles have change Mona is now the bad person and DD is good lol…anyways good for you DD i really appreciate the change in you, kritika really have lost a couple screws in the head how can you harm a person who don’t even know you exist…jealousy is a hell of a thing

  2. krutika needs to be punished she wants to have her own way roshini did nothing to her why did she run her down with her car injuring an ngo kid in the process and as for simran it is about time she see through kritikas mask krutika needs some serious couselling she is not tooooooooooo right in the head so I suggest something be done before it is tooooooooo late

  3. Am so hating simran just wen I thought there’s actually a perfect mom / mother in law in an saop

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