Jamai Raja 5th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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The episode starts with Sidharth entering a house like a thief and man holding gun on him. Man asks if he is mad that he sent 2 cars for him and he escaped from airport. Sidharth refers him as dad adn asks him to relax. He asks him to stop frightening him with grandpa’s gun and happily hugs him. Dad asks how did he come here. Sidharth says he took a lift from a girl and asks if his bags reached home. Dad says they reached and he checked them. Sidharth scolds him for checking his bag. Dad says he did not find his item and gets sad. Sidharth gives him chocolate and asks him to get only 1 piece before mom sees him.

DD looks at her house and praises Kesar and Bablu for decorating it well. They say it was her plan either. Resham comes with water and wishes DD. She asks how does she look in her blue dress and starts scratching her ears. DD asks Kesar to control his wife. Kesar scolds Resham for giving water to DD with her scratched hands. DD asks Kesar not to allow Resham in today’s party. She asks Bablu about Roshni.

Roshni enters a house and calls her students. Students gives her a surprise with gifts and cake and wish her happy birthday. Roshni gets happy, cuts cake and feeds them.

DD attends her guests graciously. Guest praises her for arranging such a lavish party and asks about Roshni. DD says she is on her way. Roshni is busy dancing and partying with her students. Another guest asks DD to show her jewelry designs. DD says Roshni will wear them and cut her birthday cake. She angrily asks naani about Roshni. Party finishes and all the guests leave. Roshni home late night tired and inebriated. She starts misbehaving. DD shouts at her. Roshni asks if she remembers her name. DD says her daughter has come inebriated like a street goon. Roshni says if she can speak to her, then she can come everyday drunk. DD says because of her careless attitude, she bore a big loss. Roshni asks Bablu to give back her gifts to DD with which she can cover her losses. She says everyone dances on DD’s tune. She checks watch and says still 15 minutes are left and she has to sleep before 12 as she gets her mom in her dreams who will pamper her. DD says she is a big fool and says if she would not have been strict, whole family would have been on streets. She says her attitude is like those kamchor people who spend their lives taking care of other and repent it later for not earning money. She says Roshni that she wears clothes and enjoys car rides with her money. Roshni says she does not need anything except her. She holds her and says she will return back everything. DD asks her to leave her as she is smelling alcohol and slaps her leaving everyone stunned.

Naani sends everyone to their room and tries to console Roshni. Roshni says she is fine. Naani says she knows she is not drunk and just sprinkled alcohol on her clothes. Roshni says today at least her mom touch her by slapping her and her birthday is complete today. Naani prays god to send someone who can unite mother and daughter.

Sidharth asks his dad why can’t he keep her. Dad says he cannot let her in his house and does not have space for her. Sidharth says she is her choice and even mom will accept it. Mom hear their conversation and is surprised seeing her. It is a treadmill. Mom asks if they both were talking about it. Sidharth says if dad does not exercise, he may get BP, sugar, etc. Mom says she thought he brought a firangi bahu. Sidharth laughs and says without his approval, he will not marry and he needs a girl like her, a shadow of her.

Resham joins Paridhi and Naani for breakfast. Naani sees her wearing yellow and black saree and jokes who called taxi. Resham realizes the joke and says her astrologer asked her to wear yellow and black as it will bring her prosperity. She bites chilli and runs from there. DD joins them and asks servant to serve juice to Roshni. Roshni shows alcohol glass and says he is having her drink.

Precap: Sidharth verifies a plot and asks engineer to build his hotel grandly. Roshni sees NGO eviction papers and gets tears it. She sees Sidharth sitting on her car and gets annoyed.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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