Jamai Raja 4th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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The episode starts with Sid asking DD to stop insulting his parents, else he will forget she is Roshni’s mom. She says he is dreaming to become rich and is a phatichar/poor chap. He says his parents can buy her just in minutes and says he cannot tolerate her misbehaviour. DD sees Roshni hearing their conversation and starts acting, apologizes Sid and his parents. She asks what drama she is playing now. Roshni comes and says he is playing drama and asks how dare he is to talk to his mom like this. Whole family comes there. DD starts crying and says they are demanding 2 crores as dowry. Dad asks what rubbish she is talking. DD says she will arrange money soon. Sid says Roshni his mom is lying. DD says she gave 20 lakhs to Sid’s papa. Sid says he did not take any money. DD says she gave 20 lakhs in gift boxes and asks Kesar to bring the boxes. Sid says Roshni her mom is playing a big game to separate them. Kesar brings boxes and everyone is shocked to see money in them. Sid says Roshni her mom is lying. Roshni reminisces dad looking at box and liking the gift. She asks him to walk out with his parents. DD starts drama and acts as falling dizzy. Roshni asks him to get out. Sid apologizes his parents for believing his love and leaves. Bablu thinks he should let DD succeed in her game.

Sid’s parents at their home and say they would have sensed DD’s game and would have been alert. Dad apologizes Sid for their mistake. Sid says he should apologize them instead and says Roshni did not believe him at all and believed whatever her mom said. Dad asks him to try once as he cannot live without Roshni. Sid says yes he cannot live without Roshni, she is his life, but they are his god and would not tolerate anyone misbehaving with them. Dad says Sid cannot live with Roshni and they have to do something.

Roshni is with DD who is on the bed. Naani asks her to speak to Sid once. Roshni says Sid insulted her mom and she will not talk to him. She asks her to leave and thinks why did he do this to her, but she cannot live without him.

Sid and Roshni reminisce about each other in their rooms and cry. Mai tenu samjhawa ki….song plays in the background. Mona comes with breakfast to Roshni’s room in the morning and asks her to have something. She says she is not hungry. Mona suggests her to meet Sid once and says a small misunderstanding can ruin her life and asks her to look at both sides of coin. She hears god’s voice to listen to her heard and says Mona that she will meet him.

Sid waits for Roshni outside his NGO. She comes with NGO kids. Kids see Sid and happily hug him, ask why does not he meet him now a days. He says he got busy. Roshni asks servant to take kids from there and gives back her wedding ring. Sid reminisces proposing her, she proposing her, etc., takes back the ring. He says this was the reason she wanted to meet and says she may think her mom is right, he also thinks his parents are right and cannot see them insulted by anyone. Roshni asks him to stop rubbishing about her mom and says we should end this relationship now as our parents are not getting adjusted with each other.

Precap: Doctor informs Roshni that her mom was eating calcium tablets and not heart tablet.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. roshni found out the truth and goes back to sid

  2. sid should really show DD what her place is

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