Jamai Raja 4th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Jamai Raja 4th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with inebriated Roshni and Sid thinking themselves as SRK and Kajol and dancing on Zara sa ghoom loon mai….song.. Roshni gets romantic and romances Sid. Sid tries to control her, but she is in her jolly mood. She gets into his lap and tells she has to tell him a secret. He asks what is it. She says I love you, but don’t like you. She says she is more mad than him. She says when he went away from her, she became mad. She says she is very egoistic and has her mom’s genes. She gets angry. He says he united her and her mom, but they threw him out like a fly out of tea. She asks why does he take credit of everything. He jiggles her and she runs. He runs behind her. They both fall on bed and romance and make love again on Ang lagade re….song. Their reconsummating of marriage continues…

Yash is tied to a tree and tantrik performs pooja on him. He shouts to leave him. DD on the other side tries to call Yash and Roshni, but their numbers are not reachable.

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In the morning, Sid wakes up and sees Roshni sleeping next to her. He touches her face. She also wakes up and smiles looking at him. She tries to leave, but he holds her. She asks to let her go. He says she is closer to him after many days, even fate wanted them to unite. He says her Jamnagar train missed and he reached he sensing the opportunity, she used his innocence and kissed him everywhere. She gets shy. He says it is common between husband and wife. She says even she wants to stay with him, but right now is very hungry. He laughs and says nothing has changed since 6 months and says he will prepare breakfast for her. She asks if he forgot competition with her mom. He says he lost purposefully and asks her to give her chance, he will show what all he learnt to lure her. She asks if he missed her a lot. He says yes. She leans on his shoulder. He says she was making drama after drinking brandy and used him. She says she did not do any drama and says she will prepare breakfast for him. He says he needs a kiss first, drapes blanket over them and kisses her.

Simran yells that Sid is not picking phone. Rajveer asks her not to worry. DD on the other side in her husky male voice tells Naani that she is worried about Roshni as she is not picking her call since yesterday and even Yash’s phhone is out of reach.

Sid prepares food for Roshni. Roshni tries and says it is very nice. She feeds him. He says it is very hot and starts coughing. she does not give him water and feeds sweets. She then remembers that Yash was about to come here and take her to Jamnagar. Sid says she is very worried about Yash and says he is trying to interfere between him and his wife. They both start playing again.

Rajveer reaches Roshni’s apartment and watchman tells that Sid is in DD’s house since yesterday night. He calls Yash and informs that Roshni and Sid are in same room since yesterday night. Yash gets irked. He calls DD who in her husky male voice says they are going to Mumbai right now.

Precap: She asks Roshni to tell what happened as he is her husband. She angrily asks if he just wanted to sleep with her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Finally it becomes a reality,Sid and Roshni consulate their marriage

    1. it is consummate !!! Consulate ?!! Hahahaha….

  2. So is everything ok with sid and roshni now…

  3. Sorry about that it is consummate

  4. It seems so for now I think

  5. Bala Abdullahi Kwatu

    everything is not okay

  6. I’m worried for sid because kritika have record something so that’s going to create a problem between sid and roshni

  7. I think that’s rajveer plan because he don’t want sid and roshni unit and tells kritika to acting like she change

  8. Sid and Roshni it was good to spend a loving night together but what willbe the repercussions of that one night.DD is a cruel and revengeful woman and she will do anything to remove Sid from this earth.She will encourage Roshni to cook up something .If Yash is smart he will stay away from Roshni because she is engaged to him and sleeps with her husband ,What craziness is this.This means she is not over her husband but only pretending.Rajveer will take the tape from Kritika and use it to blackmail Sid.What a crisis in this soap.

  9. writers stop all this merry go round sid and roshini deserve each other and samaria and yash could hook up with each other all I can say is that this is a next boring soap frustrated

  10. Sorry is it true dat DD speaks in husky male voice mh? i cant stop laffing ha ha ha

  11. quboolhai4ever

    Yay finally
    ‘ can you feel the love tonight?’
    from lion king

  12. tmrw episode will determine if this serial is bs of not

  13. Guys…in upcoming episodes, after seeing that recorded tape, DD and roshni are going to file police report against sid for yash’s kidnapping and roshni’s rape !!….sid is going to break all relations with roshni as she doesn’t trust him and gets tricked by people very easily… :((

    1. Why and how do you make such stories
      How do you know

      Do you know if it will rain on Monday

      1. Jp…I don’t know whether it will rain on Monday or not :/
        I m not cooking up any stories…before saying anything to me..u better GO to “spoilers” section of tellyupdates and READ wednesday spoilers added yesterday.

        And…do say “SORRY” after that alright.. :/

  14. It is consummate the marriage not consulate….
    gosh !

  15. am so happy for sid and roshni

  16. Roshni is such an idiot……she doesn’t deserve sid

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