Jamai Raja 3rd September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Jamai Raja 3rd September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Sid’s parents looking at DD’s swimming pool. Dad asks this area is like our London house. She says this is very smaller than our house. He asks if she is angry on DD. She says DD is very arrogant and she would have slapped her if it was not about Sid. He asks her to calm down. DD comes and asks if she liked her house and says her swimming pool is bigger than her house. She asks if she is not ashamed to have free dinner and insults her. Mona hears their conversation and thinks DD is up to something and she will not let her spoil Roshni’s life.

Sid and Roshni start having dinner with whole family members. Sid starts teasing Roshni and touches her feet. He then touches DD’s feet by mistake. DD gets irked and asks him to stop. Sid gets shy and apologizes her. Dd asks Sid’s mom to have more food and says it is free. Sid gets irked hearing that and tries to get up, but Dad stops him. Dad likes kabab and says it is a tasty chicken kabab. Roshni calls him papa and says it is veg kabab. DD asks they are too smart to make relationships easily. Sid’s mom says they are open minded and make relationships easily. DD asks Bablu to get the gifts. Dad likes them. DD asks servant to keep it in car and asks him not to make any mistake. Mona suspects DD and follows her. DD sees her and gets tensed. Mona asks why is she tensed. DD says she is not. Mona thinks she is hiding something.

Roshni asks dad if he liked icecream. He says he needs more. Mom says his quota for the day is over. DD again insults mom and says she is playing a dirty game with her. Mom gets embarrassed and cries. Dad sees that and says he will show DD her true identity. Mom stops him. He says he cannot see her crying and says if he wants he can buy DD in 1 hour. Sid sees that and feels helpless.

Dad looks at the vase and likes it. DD says it is very precious and he cannot afford it. Roshni comes there. DD says we will get children engaged. She gives Sid a diamond ring and says it is for Roshni and bought it as he cannot afford it. Sid says he cannot accept it and says he has a surprise for Roshni. He takes out his ring and shows it to Roshni. Roshni gets happy and emotional seeing it. Sid says it is a simple ring like my Roshni. DD gets irked hearing that while whole family gets happy. Sid then kneels down and proposes Roshni to marry him. Roshni emotionally says yes. He makes he wear the ring and everyone claps for them, while DD makes her typical wierd buffoon faces.

Roshni happily shows her dresses and jewelry to Sid’s mom. Mom likes it and says anything would look good on her. Roshni then sees her crying and asks why is she crying. Mom says she does not have a daughter and got emotional seeing a daughter in her. DD sees that and asks Roshni to bring her tablets. Once she goes in, she starts insulting mom and says her life will be lavish now. Mom says she does not want to talk to her. DD says she was trying to trap Roshni by calling her daughter. Mom says we think our bahus as daughters. DD asks if she is not ashamed to sell her son and says if she would have had a daughter, she would have sold her also. Sid hears that. Dad also hears that and asks her to stop, says he was silent because of his son, else he would have thought her a lesson, says he does not want to make alliance with her. Sid says he cannot tolerate his parent’s insult. She asks what will he do.

Precap: DD sees Roshni and starts acting, asks not to break the alliance. Sid asks what drama she is playing.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. ishaq abdulkadir

    hmmm dd

  2. dd is going to regret what she is doing now

  3. DD is too arogant

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