Jamai Raja 2nd October 2014 Written Episode Update

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DD says her friends that Roshni wanted to marry a poor sadak chap guy, so she did not call media or any of her friends. She says Sid that he is 10 min late and asks him to prepare food and snacks for her friends. Friends praise her forgetting a ghar jamai. DD says even they should get a ghar jamai who can also be a servant for them. Mona says sid is our jamai. DD asks her to not interfere and show Sid kitchen groceries. She says her friends that there is no difference between dog and ghar jamai. Roshni is annoyed to hear her mom’s insult and asks Sid not to listen to DD. DD comes there and says Sid has to be her servant as per their agreement. She says your uncles also work for me during my parties, then why can’t Sid. Sid asks Roshni to relax and says your husband is not a servant and listens to his heart, says he loves her and nobody can come in between us. Roshni says she will not go. Sid insists her to go. DD asks him to prepare food in 30 minutes. He says he will and asks Mona to take Roshni from there.

Roshni asks Mona how can DD do this to her and insult her husband, she doubts if she is DD’s daughter or someone left her outside DD’s house. Mona asks her not to talk like that and says she believes Sid will handle anything.

Simran gets her finger injured. Raj nurses her wound. Simran says she is worried about Sid and Roshni as they are under baal kati/barbed hair DD. She says she wants Sid to be caring and loving like him. He says he is same as me.

DD’s chefs see Sid preparing food and cutting his finger, etc. Head chef says he is 55 years old and worked in many houses, but did not see jamai being insulted like this. Sid says it is okay. Chef says hope one day DD mend her ways and her heart starts beating again. Sid says she will soon and asks chef to rest while he works. Servant comes and gives a big list of dishes to be prepared. Sid reads list and starts preparing dishes.

Roshni wants to go and help Sid, but Mona stops her and says she should do as Sid told and says she should not let DD win.

Sid prepares said dishes and presents them to DD and her friends. She uses his witty dialogues to impress friends. Friends likes his sense of humor and says DD that she is lucky to have a ghar jamai who is very lively. DD asks him to prepare cards game. Friends says Dd wins always and one friend says she will give 25000 rs price whoever defeats DD. Sid accepts challenge and says only he can defeat DD. Resham hears their conversation and informs Roshni about it. Roshni is surprised to hear that and asks Sid why he accepted DD’s challenge. He says he will win it. Mona says DD has not lost any game yet. He says everything will be first time and says she will get him money. Sid asks her to bless her instead. Mona asks him to play by heart. Sid says he will.

Precap: DD shows her cards. Her friends get excited seeing winning cards.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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