Jamai Raja 2nd March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Jamai Raja 2nd March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Roshni and Yash’s marriage. Panditji asks Yash to apply sindhoor in Roshni’s forehead. Just then, Sid reaches with pichkari and sprays Roshni’s forehead wit sindhoor. DD gets irked seeing. Sid says she cannot take away Roshni from him at all. He takes out divorce papers, tears in front of her and leaves. Yash and his sister also leave angrily.

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Rajveer crook tells dumb Simran that he could not stop Sid. Simran says she does not know what happened to Sid, he wants her to welcome Roshni. Kritka (changed and positive character now) says Sid loves Roshni and they have to accept this fact and welcome Roshni. Simran asks what happened to her and walks out angrily yelling that she will not accept Roshni. Rajveer ties to confront her, but Raj stops him. He then praises Kritika for changing and says he can proudly now tell everyone that his daughter is back. He then emotionally hugs Kritika.

DD at home yells that Sid came back and ruined her marriage plans. Roshni asks if she knew Sid did not sign divorce papers. DD says if she had told her, she would not have accepted to marry Yash and asks if she will go back to Sid. Naani comes and says if Roshni goes back to Sid, she will be very happy and says Roshni stills loves Sid and after today Sid apply sindhoor in her forehead and remarrying her, she should go back to him. DD asks if she does not know how Sid is. Naani says she knows Sid well and because of him, they both are united, Sid values only relationships and not money.

Yash starts drinking alcohol and reminisces how Sid remarried Roshni. Rajveer calls him repeatedly. He picks call and shouts not to disturb him. Rajveer says Sid is climbing building and reaching Roshni’s room. Yash asks what will he do. Rajveer says he will do what young people will do and now has remarried Roshni and has complete right on her. Yash angrily breaks glass.

Roshni is busy checking her book shelf. Sid enters her room via window and holds her. She gets afraid and tries to shout, but he shuts her mouth and says when he can climb pent house before to meet her, 4 floors are very easy for him. He will take her to moon one day. She says he should not come here and tries to leave. He holds her back and says it is his wife’s house and he can come anytime. She also gets emotional and reciprocates to his moves, but acts as getting annoyed.

DD enters room with Yash and asks Roshni why did she allow Sid in. Sid says it is bad manners to enter husband and wife’s room and says he promised her to take his wife home back in a week and today is first day. He asks Roshni to get ready and leaves. Yash angrily walks out towards his car. His sister asks him to calm down. He says he does not know how to tell Roshni how much he loves her, but whenever he tries, Sid ruins his plans and Roshni will not forget Sid. DD comes and says she will forget Sid and tells about their religious picnic plans.

Precap: Kritika provokes Sid and records him saying as per his plan, he will trap Roshni and get back to him soon.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. ??????

  2. Roshni playing hard to get!

  3. Ahh…

  4. I dont believe it that Krutika g
    has changed !! What do you think guys ???

  5. Is Krithika changed really or acting??????

    1. arre neyna le atlest one character change in the show .now that didi is a fool she does not know the value of sid in her daughters life.it is because of sod that she and her daughter is united she should not forget that..

  6. kritika is trying to get sid`s plans so they can stop him

  7. For those who are in disbelief if Kritika changed? Look at the precap….she is the same old idiot.

  8. I hope kritika is not siding with simran and her crooked murdering husband rajveer against her brother sid otherwise raj should throw her out of his house all three of them simran kritika and rajveer as for dd and yash why those two do not marry each other they deserve to be with each other naani please work on your daughter dd and make her come to her senses and as for roshini I do not know what to say about her again she is toooooooooooooo childish she needs to grow up and be a woman that is what sid needs

  9. Bala Abdullahi Kwatu


  10. How can one change over night i think she is acting if know what sid is planning

  11. A leopard never changes its color.Kritika will remain Kritika ,the critical.She will use the information against him.Why are they taking so long to get rid of that crook.Sid will fight for his wife and I applaud him for his genuine love.He really has the courage to fight to the bitter end.Roshni never loved Yash ,she was just trying to be stubborn and she also wanted to please her mother.Writers get back on track and do not make this show become an empty shell.

  12. Yash,DD,Ranveer and Kritika are just fooling themselves if they think that Sid will give up so easily,not after the hard work Sid have put into the relationship,not for getting the insults.

  13. Sid you are the best!!! You know what you want and you go after it nothing can stop a determine person when their mind is set on something

  14. susanta kumar

    kritika is not changed to positive , i think its a game plan between rajveer and kritika . as they plan to break relationship between sid and roshni .

  15. What sid and roshnie has is beautiful and no one can break it.Continue to perservere sid and you will succeed in the end.

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