Jamai Raja 29th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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The episode starts with Bablu coming back to DD’s home and apologizing for his mistake and says he did not have courage to face her. DD says she believed him a lot and thought even if he scolds him repeatedly he will not feel bad as he knows her intentions are not bad. She says she wanted to fulfill dreams which he could not in Roshni’s marriage in his marriage. Bablu apologizes her again. She says he has to leave her house and asks him to pack his bags and leave with his middle class wife. Everyone are shocked to hear that. Pratima says DD that Bablu believes you as his mother. DD says he betrayed her and asks him again to pack his bags and leave her house. Naani asks if she has gone mad and requests her not to do this. Mona also requests her. Sid says Bablu is part of this family and she cannot get him out of house like this. Roshni also backs Sid. Sid says it took many years to unite her family and asks her not to do this. DD says her family broke up once he entered her house. She asks servant to pack Bablu’s bags and throw them out. Naani and Mona hug Bablu and cry vigorously.

Bablu apologizes everyone and says now he can go from this house tension-free as he knows Sid will handle everything. He hugs Resham, Pratima takes his blessings. Pratima asks Bablu to speak to DD once again. Bablu says he will not and leaves with her. Mona takes Naani to her room to console her. Roshni says Raj/Simran to stay here as it is midnight. Simran says she will go back to her room and asks Roshni to control herself. Once Roshni goes to her room, Raj says he irked DD more in trying to entangle relationships and asks him to continue in his mission.

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Sid apologizes Roshni and asks her to break her fast. She is still angry on him. He says he ruins his own life in trying to help others. Roshni feats food and even feeds him. She then goes to bed. He asks her to finish food at least and says she has not forgiven him yet.

Resham says Kesar that Bablu is brave and hero. She sees him tensed and asks if he is thinking DD will throw them out also. He asks her to stop her drama, else he will throw her out. He says he is tensed as Bablu used to take care of all DD’s work and he has to work.

Naani comes to DD’s room and says family matters are very complicated and with many people at home, there will be clashes. She asks her to rethink about her decision as Bablu respects you and was away from his wife for 2 years because of your fear and asks her to bring him back. She says she will not forgive betrayers and says she bought Bablu since childhood like her own son and he left her for that poor girl and this is all happening because of Sid. She says Sid knows to keep relationships united and did not even speak when you continuously scolded and alleged him. She says if this house’s control will continue in your hands, family will break up soon and walks out from there.

Precap: Roshni helps Sid get ready for office but does not talk and is still angry on him.

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