Jamai Raja 27th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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The episode starts with Sid traveling with DD in her car towards temple. He tries to SMS Pratima, but does not get network. DD asks him to keep phone. She asks Kesar to inform Bablu to come directly from Baroda to temple. He says he will come in night and by that time, everything will be finished. All 3 reach temple and see Roshni, Simran, Raj, Naani, Resham already. Sid smiles at Roshni, but she is still angry on him. His phone switches off, and he gets tensed that he cannot call Pratima now. He walks out tensely from the venue. DD follows him and asks whom he is waiting for. He says nobody. Pratima reaches temple.

Karvachauth celebrations start with ladies singing songs and enjoying. Sid takes dad’s mobile and adds sim in his mobile. He sees Pratima’s message that she is going from here as his whole family is there in temple. He SMSes her to meet him behind temple. Before he walks out, Nani asks him to get flowers. He agrees and walks out, but runs behind temple to meet Pratima. DD follows him and sees him and Pratima talking. Pratima says she is worried as his whole family is there. He asks her to calm down. She asks what will we do if everyone will know about us. He says nothing will happen and to believe him. DD gets irked seeing this.

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Sid comes back and stands in front of Roshni to to break her fast. She looks at his face and breaks fast. It is just her imagination and does not find him there. Simran asks all husbands to come in front of their wives to break their fast. Roshni says Simran/Raj that Sid is missing. Raj says he will check. DD says they are standing at a wrong place as moon cannot be sighted from here and says she will take them to the right place. She holds Roshni’s hand and says come and see it from your hand. Roshni is surprised and walks with her silently towards temple backyard where sid and Pratima are standing.

Pratima thanks Sid for helping her. He says who will help her than him. DD brings everyone there and shows moon, saying from only there they can see moon properly. All ladies happily break fast looking at their husbands and moon, but Roshi sadly stands silently as Sid is missing from there. Simran asks Raj where is Sid. Raj says he does not know, he even took my mobile. DD says Roshni she is show her husband’s true colors and takes everyone near Sid and Pratima. Everyone are shocked to see them. DD slaps Sid and says Roshni that Sid cheated on you and asks how dare you to betray my wife. Resham asks Kesar who is this girl who is celebrating karvachauth with Sid and then says she is his second wife. She says Roshni Sid is a betrayer. DD says first time Resham spoke right. Kesar says that is the reason Sid was forcing me to employ Pratima. Naani says she cannot believe Sid can do this. DD asks how can he stand so confidently after doing so many mistake. Sid says he wants to talk to only Roshni now. DD says he should explain her. Simran says he knows she cannot betray Roshni but wants to know who is this girl in a bridal dress and what is he doing with her. Sid stands silently. Sid thinks he does not know what will Roshni think, but he will have to tell her truth.

Precap: DD asks Sid to tell if Pratima is his keep. Roshni says Sid is her husband and only she has right to ask him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. I can’t wait until Sid’s lies blow up in his face!!!

  2. My god what is happening to SidNi poor Roshni Sid should never have lied to her

  3. Wait, I haven’t watched this show in a while

    is sid married to someone else too?

    1. I guess we will find out, I highly doubt but he is lying about something and is going to get caught in it.

    2. K yeah, because last I watched he was lying about being rich or something. Don’t really watch these, sit with my mom while having coffee and she watches haha.

      Thanks though.

  4. Sid is just covering for Bablu he is the one that is married to Pratima

    1. I thought so immediately too….but he lies too much to his wife!!!

    2. Ohhhhh… I thought was something like that… because I haven’t watched it a while now but I glimpsed last epi and I could have seen Bablu’s uneasiness while the confrontation was taking place. hmmmm…

  5. Sorry,but who is bablu

  6. When did pratima and bablu get married?

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