Jamai Raja 26th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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The episode starts with Roshni informing Sid that DD has fixed her marriage with Krish forcefully. She says DD and other family members betrayed her and she does not want to see their faces. Sid asks her to calm down. He says DD is doing what a mother wishes to her daughter. Roshni says it is not like that, when she came here, she thought she got back her mother, but she was so wrong. She says every year, she celebrated her birthday either with servants or naani and bablu chaachu, her mom was not there always for her who used to run behind money. She says she has decided that she will die but will not marry a rich man as even he will try to show his money. She says she wants a mother’s love and a family. Sid says he will give her that kind of family with his dad, mom, and him and they will give her whole world’s love. He hugs her and asks if she will love him always like this. She says always. He asks if I get a lot of money in future then, she says he has to choose between her and money. Sid again promises he will give whole world’s love to her.

Naani asks DD why did she fix Roshni’s marriage without per wish. DD says she is doing it for Roshni’s bright future. Roshni just then comes and says she is going back to Mumbai. She asks other family members if they want to come with her, they can, else to stay there. Resham says everything went in vain, she thought she would get her new damad happily home from here, but all went in vain, who will change all this. Naani says one person is there, calls someone and asks to come soon.

Sid informs his parents that Roshni hates rich people and he does not know what to do. Mom suggests to tell the truth as it cannot be hidden. Dad says Roshni will hate you after hearing your truth. Mom says this time dad is right. Dad says we will become poor middle class family to get our bahu. Sid gets happy hearing that and hugs his parents.

Roshni calls Sid and asks him to take her from DD’s house. She asks if she can meet his parents tomorrow. Sid asks in one day, how will he find a middle class house and then says he must be not knowing her house address and says let us meet my parents tomorrow in some garden. Roshni says let us meet at 9 a.m. Sid says ok.

Sid’s parents are busy with preparing shagun ka saman/gifts while seeing bride. Sid sees that they are middle class now and should wear something like that. They both change their clothes many times, and Sid does not like it. He shows servant’s and says they should wear those clothes.

Roshni tries to go outside without breakfast. Naani asks where is she going. She says when you people don’t tell me anything, why should I. DD gets irked hear that. Mona bua/aunty comes just then and asks Roshni if she is irked even with her. Roshni gets happy seeing her. Mona asks to tell her what is happening.

Sid and his parents reach park and joke about their middle class dress.

Mona asks Roshni if she rejected Krish as he is rich. Roshni says nobody will marry Krish seeing his arrogant and selfish nature. Mona asks her to tell whom she loves. Roshni says his name is Sidharth.

Sid’s mom sees golawala and gets confused which one to buy. Roshni sees Sid has not reached park yet and thinks of having gola. They both order kala khatta at once. Golawala says they both look like mother and daughter.

Mona informs DD that Roshni loves a middle class man named Sidharth and suggests her to meet him. DD says my daughter does not listen to me and informs everything to her. Mona says she asks her like mother and she replies everything and suggests DD to become a mother like she had become in Nasik. DD says Roshni scolded Mr.Mehta for Sid. Mona again suggests DD to meet Sid once before things get out of control and says Roshni has already gone to meet Sid’s parents.

Precap: DD sees Sid in jasmastami pooja and gets irked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. This is silly…..does this make sense? Can they hide their money forever. If Roshni says she already loves Sidd, then if she truly loves him, it wouldn’t matter whether or not his family is rich. The parents are stupid for endorsing this also. smh

  2. U r correct Kristelle.

  3. Uhmm i have seen a scene like this in a hindi film! I can’t remember the name now but it was exactly the same doesn’t make sense are they copying the scenes of films in soaps??? Xx confused xx

  4. They should just tell the truth to Roshni.I hope DD accept Sid has her Jamai.

  5. Ya there’s a movie, I don’t knw the main cst bt kiron kher played mom to hero..

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