Jamai Raja 23rd October 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Sid showing messages in Sam’s phone to his family and says it is Bua Dadi’s work. He says she was playing game to trap daughter of this house. Bua Dadi puts the blame on Sam and asks Bunty to say. Bunty nods and says he doesn’t know anything. Bua Dadi says I will bring photos now and brings it. She shows the photos and says Sam has groomed this stupid fellow. She puts all blame on Sam. Sid says whatever she has done is done, but you are Krutika’s family. He says I told you that I will forget everything if you do anything. He asks her to wait and goes inside. He throws her stuff outside the house and asks her to get out from their house. Bua Dadi says it is Sam’s plan and asks her to punish Sam. Sid says Sam’s turn will also come, and I will not leave her. He says whatever you have done will not have any forgiveness. He says he has not done anything to her and asks her to get out from his house else I will ruin your respect. He leaves. Bua Dadi asks everyone to explain to Sid, and leaves silently.

Sam is crying by keeping her head on Mona’s shoulder. Just then a lawyer comes and says Yash has sent divorce papers for Sam. Sam asks what is this nonsense and says it is all Sid’s work. Sid comes and says bad things happen with bad people. He says it is the law of universe. Mona asks him, how dare you do this? Sid says Yash has sent divorce papers as he knows how is his wife. He asks her not to shout at him and says he knows how to make relations unlike Sam. He says I didn’t tell anything to Yash. Shabnam smirks. Roshni asks Sid to punish Bua Dadi. Sid says it is his blo*dy business, and asks Roshni if she thinks he is the one who asked Yash to send divorce papers. He asks if you really think that BD made Sam all this, and asks if she is a magician. He says whatever she has done is with her consent. Mona says Sam is her daughter and her husband has sent divorce papers on karwachauth day.

Sid asks what shall I do, your daughter couldn’t take care of her marriage. He says your daughter brought poor guy Bunty and groomed him and she wanted to ruin Krutika’s life. He asks if Krutika is not daughter of anyone, and not girl etc………..He asks Sam, why she has done this with his sister and says he found yash for her who was ready to give her everything. He says I didn’t say anything to Yash. It is amazing that he sent papers himself. Mona says your sister had ruined my daughter’s life. Sid says how can I forget about great Rajveer……..and says he was a third grade blo*dy criminal. He says Krutika did a favor on you and she was punished too. He says it is matter of us. He tells I have done everything for this family and left money, fame and business. He says what I got is nothing. He says my wife is questioning me today. Shabnam smirks. Sid says do you want me to see drama, and says he is a good human, but not devta. DD says I agree and really appreciate that you always solved our problems….but we didn’t ask you…you helped us with your consent. She says you, your family and BD stayed here. She says half of my problem in my life is because of you and your family. Shabnam smirks happily. DD says you are responsible for problems in Sam’s life and says I need to know that.

Sid says you are saying right…and says you took much time to say this as I have done what I wanted to do. He says I took all troubles coming on this family on me, and gave my blood, life, sweat everything for this family, even sacrificed my own family, and says Roshni used to hate you…but I united you both. He says I accepted you all as my family, and reverse the customs of the society. He says it was my mistake. I would have stayed separately with Roshni. He thanks her for showing his place that he was never part of her family. DD says I am not saying this, and says thank you for doing all this for us, and asks him not to be devta………….

She says Yash sent divorce papers just now. Sid says I really don’t give a damn and don’t know anything. He says I am really tired and says I want to unburden all the responsibility from my shoulder and want to live for myself. He thanks her for making him realize about his life. He says you and your family are separated from me now. He says you can live your life and I will live mine. He says thank you all the patels. Roshni tries to stop him, but he leaves angrily. Nani asks DD to stop him. DD says it is not required and that too today. Roshni cries and goes to her room. Shabnam thinks it is a big blast and thinks she has really enjoyed. She says these people threw him like a mosquito, and one day I will kick these people out of the house.

Roshni falls in the swimming pool. Shabnam tells that Roshni’s fast have broken. Sid asks Shabnam to leave the house within 24 hours else…..Sid and Roshni dance on the song Hasi Ban Gaye………………….

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. OMG, Finally Sid put everybody in their place!!!! yay!!!!!

  2. Wow i never such an ungrateful n selfish families like this one sid do plenty things for this so called families of his and today when he need them by this side they all turn against him even stupid roshni sometime his girl does only get on my nerves and Mona she want a tight slap across her face it look like she forget that sid was the 1 who get her sam married to yash when every1 was point fingers on her….i think now sid shld leave all of them on they own cuz every1 have an attitude on them that really need to be solve roshni shld think twice before questioning sid whenever she is in trouble sid does be the one who always solve them for her n today she turn her back on sid

  3. I think it would be a right decision if Sidney left DD’s house and live their own life. But the precap tells another things. Let’s see what happens……..

  4. Reading the episode n watching the pre cap is a completely different thing…. but yay for sid as he finally put everyone in their places…. Yay!! n DD needs to get a room.. All the probz r not due to sid m he is the one who practically solves all tgeir problems

    1. AS WELL AS A LIFE!!!

  5. I think its sid plan to trap shabnam

  6. I think si should leave DD house n see wat shabnam will do

  7. Bravo Sid – keep it up. They need you not you need them.

  8. Thats my guy.well said.DD deserved wat she got.I am soo over that woman.

  9. Hi. I m 100% sure that its sid’s plan to expose shabnam to the family.

  10. I think is Sid plan to trap

  11. yep.. I also agree to that

  12. fan of jamai raja

    interesting epi…what an acting…..love u SIDNI : )

  13. Love u sid…well done!!!!

  14. Wow sid was fab n I’m so sure dat is part of his master plan..I’m enjoying it love u soooooooooo much sid mwahhh

  15. SID it was about time that you let them have it. Move on and out of their lives and let them fight their own battles. YASH should stick by his decision to divorce SAM who was only a money digger any way. She has got no love for anyone other than herself

  16. i agree with Angel and Milashi. it is really sid’s plan to trap shabnam. oh what a clever boy keep up u have strong suppoters

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