Jamai Raja 23rd March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Jamai Raja 23rd March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with inspector arresting Khurana family and bringing them to police station on domestic violence charges. Sid and Raj say Roshni cannot do this. Inspector shows Roshni’s pics and says someone from their family clicked and sent them and sends them into lockup. Roshni reaches there and asks why did they arrest her family. Inspector says he arrested on her mom’s complaint. Social service lady comes and asks her not to fear Khuranas and shows Roshni’s wounds to inspector. Roshni says she got injured during competition accident and inspector to release them. Inspector releases them. Roshni pleads that she did not do it. Sid he knows she will tell DD did it and asks what difference it makes, his family is tortured and humiliated. They all walk out. Raj says he knows his Roshni cannot do it. Reporters throng around them and ask why did they torture their bahu. Raj asks not to listen to reporters and get into car. Roshni says she will met someone and come back home.

Roshni reaches DD’s house and calls her name. Naani asks what happened. She goes into kitchen, calls DD with her name and asks why she is hell bent to ruin her life. She continues scolding her. DD in her husky male voice with male expressions tells she did for her and did not do any mistake. She cannot see her humiliated and tortured by Khuranas and if they use this domestic violence case in their favor, they will get divorce easily. Roshni says she got injured while competition and not by Khuranas and asks her to come with he and apologize her family. DD asks what wrong did she do to apologize. Roshni gets more irked seeing her male-looking mom’s arrogance behavior.

DD continues that she will not apologize. Roshni says she should go on her way and she will on her way and says if she does not apologize, she will never enter this house. Naani tries to stop her. Roshni says DD she will repent and will never see her face again and walks out. Naani scolds DD that with her shameless act, she is ruining her daughter’s life and she is ashamed of her. DD starts crying.

Simran tries to console Biji. Biji says she did not feel this kind of insult in her whole life. Raj asks her to calm down and rest in her room. Biji says she wants to ask Roshni why did she do this. Roshni comes and says she is her culprit. Biji asks why did she do this to her, what wrong did she do. Roshni sits on her feet and says DD did this and not her. Simran says it must be her mom and her drama and asks her not to do her drama. Roshni asks Biji to listen to her once. Simran continues yer yelling and asks her not ask Biji and tells Sid that he believed Roshn so much. Raj asks Simran to stop yer lashing. Biji angrily walks towards her room. Raj asks Roshni to wait till the morning’s new ray of hope and rest till then.

Precap: Sid asks Roshni why did she betray him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. This show is really getting on my nerve now,what nonsense is this?and DD will suffer the consequences for her actions.

    1. the director are making the show boring

  2. It’s really not DD it’s that evil sister for telling yash lies! She’s the one needs to be punished. Frog face kritika!

  3. Dd she is at fault she is wise enough to know what wrong n what right so she n kartika is equally at fault so dont know why she is crying now she have too much pride in her so let her face the consequences now

  4. Is DD a woman or a man because no woman especially will her another woman with these lies.Sid should investigate this abuse and where it came from.Now I cannot wait to see Rajveer and Kritika get exposed for belying her own family.How can Kritika betray her own mother like that.It is sad that DD does not carry a good character as mother but one day she will realize that a good name is more desirable than great riches and a good reputation than silver and gold.Rajveer and Simran are beyond help.Why can they not find some positive deeds in their lives.Writers ,write something to show us that they can serve as nuclei for feelings of self worth that stimulate us to do more positive things rather than despair of ourselves and resign ourselves to lower standards of behavior.This is only my observation but the episode was not that bad.

  5. They should stop telecast of this show, unless of course someone has taken money under the ….!!!

  6. i like it so much

  7. what to say about these writers I cannot find words to describe them anymore all I can say is that they are writing shit because they are not professionals now all they have to do is hire a professional to help them I do not know why they are not doing that everything is falling apart with these serials take for instance jamai raja is going around in circles please bring it to an end and get a man for dd so she can stop meddling in her daughters life and throw rajveer and kritika out of the house and straight to jail as for rajveer he killed so he needs to stay in jail for life kritika is very caniving and do not underestimate her she will destroy simraj raj and sid just for her own pleasure

  8. DD is so wicked she ruining her daughter life instead she should be supporting her at all times

  9. I think this is a really good show…. This is actually the only show that i watch on zee tv. I love the story, kudos to the writers for keeping it real!

  10. I’m still waiting to see when the romance between Sid and Roshni will rekindled again,so that Kritka and Ranveer will be boiling up not forgetting Simran and DD too.

  11. Good job by doing the update but there’s no need to use such description for DD… atleast respect her nature even if she’s playing the vilain.

  12. sir mere pass jmai raja se melte julte ek store hai app khe to ap ko doo

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