Jamai Raja 23rd January 2015 Written Episode Update

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Jamai Raja 23rd January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Roshni slapping Sid and asks how many lies will he say. She asks where was he when his mom threw them out of their own house and says her mom gave him business and property papers believing him, but he back stabbed her whole family. She says that is the reason she hates rich people and says she does not have any relationship with him now and should get out. Sid starts crying and says she cannot break their relationship, he lied to her, but his love for her is true. She says he was with her for 6 months and always lied. He asks her to explain once. She says she gave him her whole life, but he betrayed him, pushes him and asks to get lost. He says he cannot live without her. She drags him out and locks door. Sid pleads to listen to him once, but she does and starts crying vigorously. DD consoles her. He cries vigorously that his mom ruined her life.

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Raj asks his lawyer if he can transfer back DD’s properties. Lawyer says Simran has done everything legally and they cannot transfer it back. Raj says he will sell some of his shares and transfer cash to DD’s account. Lawyer says it is a huge amount. Raj asks to get the papers ready. Lawyer says okay and leaves. Sid comes there and starts crying vigorously hugging him.

Roshni sits beside ganesh idol and sadly remembers about her time spent with Sid. Sid also remembers the same. Kitni baaten yaad aati hain…..song.. plays in the background. Sid remembers how Roshni slapped and dragged him out of her house and continues crying inconsolably.

Naani gets sad thinking about her god’s idol still at DD’s house and says she misses it. Roshni says she will get it from there. DD tries to stop her and says Simran may do something wrong again, but Roshni says she does not care and just cannot see tears in her family member’s eyes. DD says she will accompany her. They both come out and are surrounded by reporters. DD shouts at them. They ask Roshni why her marriage with Sidharth Khurana broke. Roshni asks DD get into house. DD runs into house and locks door, leaving Roshni outside.

Krutika and Rajveer marry in a court in front of Simran. Simran says she is happy about them. Simran gets a call from security guard who informs that Roshni has come and wants to get in. Simran cuts call.

DD tells Naani that her jamai has destroyed them. Door bell rings. DD says journalists must have come and angrily opens door to scold them, but Raj comes instead.

Precap: Simran asks Roshni to come back to Sid who lives her a lot. Roshni says she will come back.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. i predict this show will end this year simran is a bi**h and so is her daughter her emotions has a flip switch this is y i dont like zeetv shows i prefer watching starplus one those r better and not so stupid and predictable as zeetv ones stews

  2. what can I say same old storyline with all the soaps which makes me feel to scream WRITERS WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON WE THE VIEWERS ARE FED UP if you do not know what to write again hire other writers but please stop this merry go round with these soaps

  3. I’m Nigerian… Kinda addicted to Zee tv shows, but To be honest, zee tv shows are sad, is the owner sick or something???? Ughhh

  4. I don’t like how this show is going it getting too boring i dont know who writes these storys it only have pure saddness in them on happiness its look like these writers dont have happiness in they lifes…..

  5. i agree wit al of alyuh comments

  6. It is very wrong of Simiran to confront DD and Roshini with out discussing with Sid and Raj. Now Rajveer better start ill treating Krutika and Simuran.

  7. Stupid story line 🙁

  8. nice episode sorry for said and roshni you should of listen to said just for once

  9. i know that sid actually lied to roshni all way long and it wasn’t right,and I guess she shouldn’t have slapped him,moreover roshni should be reasonable enough to know that assuming sid wanted to usurp her mother’s wealth he wouldn’t have come back to them apologizing he would just flee.

  10. Please hurry up with the updates

  11. Sid can cry to save he’s life lol n roshni is acting so faulty not giving him a chance after all he has done for her n her family. Can’t wait for simiran to act screwed over by her daughter

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