Jamai Raja 23rd December 2014 Written Episode Update

Jamai Raja 23rd December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with DD’s client throwing necklace on floor and asks her to check and say why did she sell fake necklace to him. DD apologizes him and says she made mistake and will correct it. He says he dos not want to do any business with her now and asks her to return his money, else he will in court. Sid and whole family is shocked while Rajveer smirks. Once client leaves, DD looks at Kesar. He says he was wide awake whole night near the locker. DD says it took her many years to build reputation and with his one mistake, her reputation is ruined now. Sid asks her to calm down and says he will not let her reputation down and will sort this issue himself now. DD asks her to do whatever he likes and walks to her room fuming.

Sid at his room gets tensed reminiscing client insulting DD. Roshni gives him sweets and says it will elevate his mood. Naani says everything will be fine. He says because of his mistake, DD has to face all this, he would not have taken her to his chawl. Naani says it is not his mistake. Sid says it is his mistake. DD comes and hears everything. Sid sees her and tries to explain. DD angrily walks into her room. Naani says she will speak to DD and walks into her room. DD says she tried to accept Sid for Roshni’s sake, but he makes mistakes always. Naani says because of him, she prepared food for Roshni and Roshni ate it sitting with her and even fought for her with chawl people. She says if family is together, everything will be alright.

Raj sadly works on his laptop. Simran asks if he is still angry on her as she could not go to chawl to help Sid. He says she has ignored him and Sid. She says she got worried seeing Krutika inebriated, so she has decided to tell Sid Krutika’s truth. He holds her hands and says it is a good idea, once everything is sorted out, we all can live happily, Sid is expert in sorting out issues and he will sort out his sister Krutika’s issue also.

Krutika’s car gets punctured. She tries to stop many cars, but nobody stops. She starts walking alone on road. Goons start following her and she runs, but falls. Goons surround her and start misbehaving with her. She requests them to leave her alone. Someone comes in bike like a knight hawk, beats goons and rescues Krutika. Kritika sits behind him and leaves in his bike.

DD sees Sid at her room and asks what is he doing here. He apologizes her for his mistake. She says he would have thought it before and says she is accepting her for Roshni’s sake and only he can make her sure that he is best for Roshni and gain her confidence, says looking at his face it looks like he has not slept whole night and asks him to freshen up and get ready for office. He says he will gain her confidence at any cost. Simran calls him and asks if he is angry on her that he did not call her at all. He asks if dad troubled you and laughs. She says he does not say anything at all and asks why is he sounding happy. He says he is very happy as DD was concerned about him. She says she also wants to tell him some good news and wants him to meet someone. He says we will meet at a hotel and not at Prashanth’s house. She says okay and thinks hope brother and sister meet well.

Commissioner checks CCTV footage of DD’s office, sees Kesar getting out of cabin, but rest of the footage missing. He says he will arrest Kesar to interrogate.

Precap: DD sees Resham wearing stolen jewelry set’s ear rings and asks her to tell Kesar to return her remaining jewelry. Kesar says he did not steal it. She says police will interrogate him then.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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