Jamai Raja 22nd January 2015 Written Episode Update

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The episode starts with DD’s lawyer telling her that Khurana’s have transferred all her property with her given documents, so even if she files a court case, Khurana’s will win. DD feels betrayed and dejected. Roshni tries to calm her down. DD says she believed Sid and gave her property papers, but he betrayed her and transferred it in his name. Roshni says he even betrayed his own wife and she will not forgive him.

Sid sadly walks on the road reminisces his first meeting with Roshni, proposal, marriage, romantic moments, etc. He starts running searching DD and family and ask people about them. He calls Roshni, but her phone is switched off. He thinks he cannot live without Roshni and has to find out where she is. He starts running again.

Krutika gets out of coma and asks if Rajveer is fine. Rajveer who is sitting next to her starts acting and says he is fine, but be cannot save their child. She asks if he is telling lie and tells Simran that it cannot be. She hugs both agony aunt Simran and crook Rajveer and starts crying. Rajveer asks her to control herself. Simran asks Rajveer to control himself. Rajveer thanks her for helping them. She says a mother always helps their children and if something would have happened to her children, she would not have forgiven herself. She says she will not let DD, Roshni, or even Sid ruin their happiness and will stand against Sid. Rajveer says we all will get Sid out of his sorrows and will not let him meet Roshni. She says good bless you and leaves. He smirks and thinks he will take care of Khurana’s business and will not let Sid and Roshni unite.

Naani says DD that she does not believe Sid can betray them. Roshni says she does not want to hear Sid’s name again. Pratima asks her to talk to him once, maybe he is not wrong. Roshni asks her to not take his name again and says she did not believe her mom, and as her mom says, he is very poor ehtically and she came in his sugary talks, now she does not want him back in her life. Sid comes there and asks if she is telling by heart or by brain.

DD says naani that her jamai has come and says Sid that this house is her devrani/Pratima’s and he cannot grab it. Sid says he came to meet her. She says he is thinking wrong, he does not have any known person her, he got her daughter married to a middle class guy, not a rich guy like him, so he should stop his emotional drama. He says he wants them to listen to her. She says there is nothing to explain and he can get out. Roshni says he is telling right, they should listen to him. She asks him what he will explain. She says she made a mistake by believing him and asks him to tell his cooked up story. She asks if everything was planned, his chawl home, etc. She asks why did he play with her emotions and said he does not want to see a day where he has to separate from her, said their both families will unite, but his family brought her family on road and asks him to look at his family once. He asks him to remember that had a relationship with them and asks him to explain how he betrayed them, asks o get lost. He asks her to take out his went and tell whatever she likes. She slaps him. DD and Naani are shocked to see that.

Precap: Reporters surround DD and ask how is she feeling leading a poor life now. She says no comments and gets into home. Door bells rings. DD thinks reporters have come again, but Raj comes.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. How stupid of Simran?!? She believes in her crookish Son-in-law words over her son??? Utter Nonsense!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She made her own son look like a complete Jackass

  2. from tomorrow i am leaving this show. it is a mess. total rubbish. i was waiting for sid’s diclauser in happy way.but nothing is going to be solved.very baddddddd.

  3. I don’t what wrong with shayl n simran both only doing things to hurt the children them simran she is too greedy and she is getting blind by her stupid daughter fake love that now she dont know what wrongs n what rights she really mess up everythings

  4. Rosheena Singh

    Simran needs a wake up call b4 this story goes completely off track.

  5. Smiran is too blinded by fake love if her daughter & crook soninlaw….

  6. Show going from bad to worse

  7. I want rajveer to bleed simran dry and throw her in the gutter for her stupidity going against her own son sid for that rat of a daughter and crook and murderer of a son in law rajveer how could simran have changed so drastically she loved sid so much and now she is throwing away everything for her rat daughter kritika like I said before I thought some progress was being made with this soap and things were alright now with sid uniting roshini and her mother but no these writers do not know what they are doing so they write a script again to beat around the bush and is back to scratch more confusion than before I do not think this soap is worth watching anymore

  8. The story turned out so hopeless from hopeful and I hope that it doesn’t get any worse. All viewers looked forward to Sid being accepted by DD and now that he is finally Simran blows it. Her dumb naive picture of Rajveer is so nerve wrecking and It seems like poor Sid will end up with both families on the street once Rajveer lots them.
    This is really increasing my blood pressure, oh wait I think I popped a vein!

  9. i m going to leave this show from today

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